K-Sun LabelShop® Wire Wrap and Heat Shrink Label Tapes

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K-Sun LabelShop® Wire Wrap and Heat Shrink Label Tapes

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  • LS-HS-0188, shrink tube label
  • LS-HS-050, shrink tube label
  • LS-HS-025, shrink tube label
  • LS-SO-025BK-WT, wire wrap label
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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these labels?

  • 3:1 ratio shrinks to 1/3 of original size to tightly grip the cables, cords, or wires
  • Like the heat shrink, the self-laminating overwrap can be used to label wires and cords for a neat, clean look
  • Easy to shrink with an approved heat shrink gun to semi-permanently attach to your application
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The shrink tube is made of an industrial grade polyolefin-based material. The 3:1 shrink ratio opens up many possibilities for wire labeling, and are ideal for label marking and color coding.

Heat Shrink

  • Made of Polyolefin for a clean, snug, and durable fit
  • Black ink on yellow, white, or red labels to match most décors
  • Available in 5 different diameters to fit over most cables
  • Great for identifying home theater, IT or craft wires


Wire Wrap

  • 1/4" printable surface, 3/4" laminated surface to protect your printing from the elements
  • Can be used with 2010-PC, 2011XLB, 2011XLB-PC, 2012XLST and 2012XLST-PC


Part # Gauge Inches Colors Works With Models Price
Heat Shrink Label
KS-203STB 16–22 1/8" White, Yellow BEE3, BEE3+, 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC
KS-205STB 12–18 3/16" White, Yellow, Red BEE3, BEE3+, 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC
KS-208STB 10–16 1/4" White, Yellow BEE3+, 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC
KS-210STBW 4–14 3/8" White 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC
KS-211STB 1–12 1/2" White, Yellow, Red BEE3+, 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC


Part # Gauge Inches Colors Works With Models Price
Self-Laminating over Wrap
KS-224SL 10–22 1/4" Black Ink on White Tape 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC

Heat Shrink labels can be used with BEE3 and BEE3+, 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC, PEARLabel 270, and PEARLabel 360

LabelShop Heat Shrink Tubing Label
KS-203STB 1/8"W x 96'L White, Yellow
KS-205STB 3/16"W x 96'L White, Yellow, Red
KS-208STB 1/4"W x 96'L White, Yellow
KS-210STBW 3/8"W x 96'L White
KS-211STB 1/2"W x 96'L White, Yellow, Red


Self-Laminating Overwrap label can be used with 2010PC, 2012XLST, 2012XLST-PC, PEARLabel 270, and PEARLabel 360

LabelShop Wire Wrap
KS-224SL 1/4"W x 26'L White
k-sun bee3 label printerK-Sun LABELShop® Bee 3 Label Printers
Was $162.50 Now
K-Sun's LABELShop® BEE3 Label Printer allows you to print custom labels, barcodes, and onto heat shrink tubing. This portable, compact keyboard printer creates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different size and color combinations and also prints on heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification.
K-Sun LABELShop 2010-PCK-Sun LABELShop® 2010-PC
The LABELShop® 2010-PC printer allows you to easily design and print adhesive-backed labels that can be applied wherever a professional label is needed.
K-Sun LABELShop 2011XLBK-Sun LABELShop® 2011XLB
$349.00  SALE
A portable, affordable industrial label printer with revolutionary new features. The new PeelGuard™ Label Trimmer is a built-in device that rounds label corners to provide greater peeling protection and a more professional look to your labels.
K-Sun LABELShop 2011XLB-PCK-Sun LABELShop® 2011XLB-PC
The printer has its own battery operated memory, keyboard and LCD display so permanent labels can be designed and printed on the job or, connect the printer to your PC and drive this powerful machine with new MaxiLabel® Pro software and AC power.
K-Sun LABELShop 2012XLSTK-Sun LABELShop® 2012XLST
Prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube, polyester wire and cable wrap materials, and industrial polyester adhesive-backed tapes
The 2012XLST-PC is the ultimate industrial labeling system due to it's ability to work as a hand held labeler or connect to a desktop PC for your labeling needs.

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