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Klein Tools ET200 tester

Voltage and Circuit Continuity Tester
This Klein Tools multitasking device tests for continuity of circuits and voltage. Easy to handle with no calibration or setup needed to tackle your first test. No batteries required to measure voltage.

KL-CL2000 clamp meter

400A AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter
Perfect for electricians and IT engineers, this clamp-style multimeter provides true RMS readings without the need for AC to DC conversions, and has a magnetic back that attaches to metal surfaces or wrist magnets for hands-free operation.

Klein Tools 600A Clamp Meter

Multi-Function 600A Clamp Meter
Able to test voltage, current, resistance, diodes and continuity, this all-in-one multimeter features a work light and backlit display for easy readouts even in dimly lit environments.

400A AC Clamp Meter

400A AC Clamp Meter
Perfect for both IT and electrical work, this clamp-style multimeter is able to measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, capacitance and duty cycle without making contact with potentially hazardous wires.

non-contact tester, NCVT-1

Non-Contact Voltage Tester
Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester. No contact with the bare wire is needed- just place the tip near a device you would like to check for active electricity, and within seconds, the tester will warn you with both a visual and auditory response.

KL-CL200 clamp meter

600A AC Clamp Meter with Temperature
Perfect for jobs that combine temperature monitoring and control with circuit maintenance, this non-contact tester gives you easy readings of resistance, capacitance, continuity, diode status and temperature without making contact with electrical wires.

MM200 digital multimeter Klein tools

MM200 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
Ideal for applications ranging from hobbies to professional electrical work, this auto-ranging multimeter provides across-the-board electrical measurements, and features a backlit screen for easy readouts.

professional digital multimeter MM2000

Professional MM2000 Digital Multimeter
Ideal for everyone from electrical contractors to hobbyists, this True RMS tester delivers reliable readings on a wide range of electrical measurements, and is built to endure the heavy use and punishing conditions of construction and shop environments.

Klein Tools CL3000

CL3000 200A Auto-Ranging Fork Meter
Perfect for testing wires that are positioned against walls and in crowded spaces where a clamp meter can't reach, this fork-style electrical tester has all of the AC/DC measurement functions of a multimeter, and tests anything from residential power wires to industrial cables.

Klein Tools CL3100

Auto-Function Hook Meter
Equipped with a hook-shaped clamp that slips easily around wires, this multimeter provides quick readouts on voltage, current, resistance and continuity on a backlit screen, and has built-in magnetic backing for hands-free operation when needed.


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