Magnetic Tip Nut Driver - 6" Hollow Shank

Reaches Into Deep Recesses And Fits Over Extra-Long Bolts

Klein Tools Magnetic Tip Nut Driver

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Magnetic Tip Nut Driver – 6" Hollow Shank

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this bolt driver?

  • Rare Earth magnetic tip firmly grips onto fasteners, so there’s no need to worry about losing the nut before you apply it to the screw
  • Cushion grip handle is comfortable for your hand, but lets you generate greater torque
  • Chrome-plated shaft helps prevent corrosion for many years of use
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With these nut drivers from Klein Tools, you get a magnetic tip, a long hollow shaft and chrome plating all in one tool. This combination adds up to a tool that will give you years of quick and easy bolt installation.

  • A fully hollow shaft allows for work on long bolt applications
  • Internal flanges provide solid shaft anchors for a twist-resistant nut driver
  • Handle ends are color-coded for quick and easy identification
  • Klein’s patented Tip-Ident® on the ends indicates the tool’s size in inches, as well as hex-head shape, so you can quickly indentify the correct driver in a crowded tool box
  • Meets or exceeds ASME / ANSI specifications


Part # Overall Length Shank Length Hex Size Handle Color PRICE
KT-646-11-32M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 11/32" Black  
KT-646-1-2M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 1/2" Black  
KT-646-1-4M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 1/4" Black  
KT-646-3-16M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 3/16" Black  
KT-646-3-8M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 3/8" Black  
KT-646-5-16M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 5/16" Black  
KT-646-7-16M 9-3/4" (248mm) 6" (152mm) 7/16" Black  
KT-646-11-32M 11/32" 9-3/4" 0.25  
KT-646-1-2M 1/2" 9-3/4" 0.35  
KT-646-1-4M 1/4" 9-3/4" 0.25  
KT-646-3-16M 3/16" 9-3/4" 0.25  
KT-646-3-8M 3/8" 9-3/4" 0.30  
KT-646-5-16M 5/16" 9-3/4" 0.25  
KT-646-7-16M 7/16" 9-3/4" 0.35  
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