Klein Tools® Insulated Cushion-Grip Nut Drivers

Professional Grade Nut Drivers for Hardworking Electricians and Installers

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What's special about these insulated hollow-shaft nut drivers?

  • Insulated shaft provides two layers of protection against accidental shock, with each tool individually tested to meet or exceed the international 1000-volt rating
  • Cushion-grip handle provides ergonomic quality comfort, while allowing user to produce greater levels of torque for quickly securing or removing nuts and bolts
  • Features the patented Tip-Ident® system that quickly identifies nut driver size for preventing accidental stripping and damage caused when using the wrong sized tool
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Klein insulated tools are manufactured to their highest level of quality craftsmanship for exceeding the demanding standards of today's toughest industries. More


3" & 4" Shaft Nut Drivers
Part # Description Price
KT-33523 Cushion Grip Insulated Nut Driver Kit, 3" & 4" Shafts
(includes custom Cordura case)
KT-33523 includes the following
Part # Hex Size Color Code Shank Length Overall length Price
KT-630-3-16-INS 3/16" black 3" (76 mm) 6-3/4" (171 mm)
KT-630-1-4-INS 1/4" red 3" (76 mm) 6-3/4" (171 mm)
KT-630-5-16-INS 5/16" yellow 3" (76 mm) 6-3/4" (171 mm)
KT-630-11-32-INS 11/32" green 3" (76 mm) 6-3/4" (171 mm)
KT-630-3-8-INS 3/8" blue 3" (76 mm) 6-3/4" (171 mm)
KT-630-7-16-INS 7/16" brown 3" (76 mm) 7-5/16" (186 mm)
KT-630-1-2-INS 1/2" red 3" (76 mm) 7-5/16 (186 mm)
KT-630-9-16-INS 9/16" orange 4" (102 mm) 9-3/8" (238 mm)
KT-630-5-8-INS 5/8" yellow 4" (102 mm) 9-3/8" (238 mm)
6" Shaft Nut Drivers
Part # Description Price
KT-33524 Cushion-Grip Insulated Nut Driver Kit, 6" Shaft
(includes custom Cordura case w/ document pocket)
KT-33524 includes the following
Part # Hex Size Color Code Shank Length Overall Length Price
KT-646-3-16-INS 3/16" black 6" (152 mm) 9-3/4" (248 mm)
KT-646-1-4-INS 1/4" red 6" (152 mm) 9-3/4" (248 mm)
KT-646-5-16-INS 5/16" yellow 6" (152 mm) 9-3/4" (248 mm)
KT-646-11-32-INS 11/32" green 6" (152 mm) 9-3/4" (248 mm)
KT-646-3-8-INS 3/8" blue 6" (152 mm) 9-3/4" (248 mm)
KT-646-7-16-INS 7/16" brown 6" (152 mm) 10-5/16" (262 mm)
KT-646-1-2-INS 1/2" red 6" (152 mm) 10-5/16 (262 mm)
KT-646-9-16-INS 9/16" orange 6" (152 mm) 11-3/8" (289 mm)
KT-646-5-8-INS 5/8" yellow 6" (152 mm) 11-3/8" (289 mm)

Always wear approved eye protection.
NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock

These insulated tools are designed with two layers of durable insulation that exceed IEC and ASTM standards for providing added protection against electrical shock from energized sources when correctly operated. Klein Tools® Insulated Nut Drivers are constructed from custom US-made tool steel and finished with a comfortable cushion-grip, that offer superior functionality while reducing the risk of injury.

  • Color-coded handle caps allow the user to quickly identify individual tool size, to increase productivity and reduce downtime
  • Available in a 3", 4", or 6" long hollow-shaft, for easy installation/removal of nuts  on long bolt applications
  • Durable hex style head strongly grips nuts and socket screws, allowing user to apply ample torque without worrying about stripping and damaging the tool or the hardware
  • Constructed from professional quality tool grade steel that withstands the rigors of fast paced construction and electrical applications
  • Sets include custom cordura case for easy transport and keeping tool inventory
  • Made in USA
Part # Hex Size Color Code Overall Length Weight
3" Shank Length
KT-630-3-16-INS 3/16" black 6-3/4" (171 mm)  0.17 lb
KT-630-1-4-INS 1/4" red 6-3/4" (171 mm)  0.18 lb
KT-630-5-16-INS 5/16" yellow 6-3/4" (171 mm) 0.18 lb
KT-630-11-32-INS 11/32" green 6-3/4" (171 mm) 0.19 lb
KT-630-3-8-INS 3/8" blue 6-3/4" (171 mm)  0.20 lb
KT-630-7-16-INS 7/16" brown 7-5/16" (186 mm) 0.26 lb
KT-630-1-2-INS 1/2" red 7-5/16 (186 mm)  0.28 lb
4" Shank Length
KT-630-9-16-INS 9/16" orange 9-3/8" (238 mm) 0.40 lb
KT-630-5-8-INS 5/8" yellow 9-3/8" (238 mm) 0.43 lb
6" Shank Length
KT-646-3-16-INS 3/16" black 9-3/4" (248 mm) 0.22 lb
KT-646-1-4-INS 1/4" red 9-3/4" (248 mm) 0.23 lb
KT-646-5-16-INS 5/16" yellow 9-3/4" (248 mm) 0.23 lb
KT-646-11-32-INS 11/32" green 9-3/4" (248 mm) 0.23 lb
KT-646-3-8-INS 3/8" blue 9-3/4" (248 mm) 0.25 lb
KT-646-7-16-INS 7/16" brown 10-5/16" (262 mm) 0.31 lb
KT-646-1-2-INS 1/2" red 10-5/16" (262 mm) 0.33 lb
KT-646-9-16-INS 9/16" orange 11-3/8" (289 mm) 0.45 lb
KT-646-5-8-INS 5/8" yellow 11-3/8" (289 mm) 0.48 lb
Material Specifications
Shank Material:
Custom US-Made Tool Steel
Inner Insulation:
Thick, exceptionally tough, high-dielectric white inner coating that is bonded directly to the tool
Outer Insulation:
A flame retardant, impact-resistant, bright orange outer coating
1000-Volt Rating Symbol:
Clearly Marked on Insulation




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