Tape Measure - Double-Sided Power Return 25 Ft

With the “True Zero” Feature, Busy Professionals Get Fast, Accurate Inside and Outside Measurements


Klein Tools Double Sided Tape Measure

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Tape Measure - Double-Sided Power Return 25 Ft

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about it?

  • Double-sided rule makes it easy to read both elevations and flat-surface measurements
  • Non-slip rubber grip makes case easy to hold on to, and protects it from fall impacts
  • Built-in shock absorbers protect blade tip
  • Nylon coating protects blade from wear and abrasion during frequent use
  • First 11 inches marked in bold black numbers for easy, at-a-glance reading
  • Securely attached, triple-riveted end hook
  • Eye-catching blue case is easy to identify


  • Double-sided rule for easy reading of elevations and flat surface measurements. (Not available on Cat. No. 908-12.)
  • Comfortable, non-slip rubber grip for easy gripping of dual-injected molded rubber case.
  • Thick rubber grip protects case against fall impacts.
  • Built-in shock absorbers to protect blade tip.
  • Durable steel belt clip for convenience.
  • Eye-catching blue case for quick identification in work areas and tool bags.
  • Nylon-coated blade resists abrasion and blade wear.
  • Triple-riveted end hook and bottom blade protector.
  • True zero feature for accurate inside and outside measuring.
  • Oversized, bold black numbers (first 11 inches) for easy reading.
  • Tape measure holders available.
  • Check out the magnetic power-return rule

The double-sided power-return tape is great for elevated and flat surface measurements. Designed with easy-to-read numbers on both sides of the blade, an impact absorbing rubber grip, and a long-lasting nylon coated steel blade that resists abrasion. Great fit for the busy professional.

Part # Tape Width Overall Length Weight Price
KT-908-25 1" (25mm) 25' (7.5m) .20 lbs
Part # Tape Width Overall Length Weight Price
KT-908-25 1" (25mm) 25' (7.5m) .20 lbs

Always wear approved eye protection.
NOT insulated. Do NOT use on live circuits.
Do NOT open the case. Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury
Protect hands when cleaning magnetic tip. Use gloves or cloth.
Avoid magnetic contact with sensitive electronic or computer equipment.
To avoid personal injury and damage to this tool, do not allow the tape blade to retract into case at full speed.


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