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Fast and Efficient Set-up of Blocks

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What's special about these aerial construction tools?

  • Allows technicians to mount a corner block on the strand or cable
  • Can be assembled on the strand offering fast and efficient set-up
  • Brackets come in three different sizes to accommodate single, dual and quad blocks, providing versatility and easy handling
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Jameson Set-Up Brackets allow technicians to mount a corner block on the strand or cable from the ground. This is a unique set up bracket system which provides an open side allowing for the corner blocks and cable to be placed independently, after the bracket is attached to the strand, for fast and efficient set up.
NOTE: When using as set-up bracket you must also use corner blocks and pole mount brackets.


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JAM-70-301 Jameson Set-Up Bracket - Single 2.8 lbs
JAM-70-302 Jameson Set-Up Bracket - Dual 3.5 lbs
JAM-70-304 Jameson Set-Up Bracket - Quad 4.2 lbs
  • Unique system utilizes a Jameson 60° or standard 45° corner block, including standard hardware
  • After the bracket is attached to the strand, each bracket provides an open side allowing for the corner block and cable to be placed independently
  • For added convenience, these brackets can be attached with standard 3-bolt suspension clamp pole-mount hardware
  • Available in single, dual, and quad brackets so technicians may choose the appropriate one according to the number of strands or cable they will be working with


Part # JAM-70-301 JAM-70-302 JAM-70-304
Bracket Sizes Single Dual Quad
Weight 2.8 lbs 3.5 lbs 4.2 lbs





Versa Block Rubber Roller Aerial ToolJameson Versa Block
CableOrganizer.com offers Jameson Versa Block which offers the versatility of stringing cable at midspan on new and existing overlash construction. It is ideally suited for easy cable placement from aerial lift buckets, as well as from ground positions using lay-up sticks. It is available either with rubber or aluminum rollers for just about any cabling applications.
pole mounted bracketJameson Pole-Mount Corner Bracket
Jameson Pole-Mount Brackets have been designed to save vertical space on crowded joint occupied poles. The bracket base is contoured to fit pole radius, providing maximum bracket stability. Furthermore, the nylon ratchet strap will not damage existing cable drops on pole and weighs less than chain straps.
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From ea.
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Jameson Corner Blocks allow technicians to distribute pressure evenly to the stand when pulling around corners and creates a gentle sweep. These aerial construction tools come in 60° and 90° styles for more versatility and will work with the majority of system designs.

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