iPod® Accessories

Cord Organizer, ACH-03612

The Core Cord Organizer
This mini cord winder customizes the length of earbud, cellphone, and other gadget cords when they’re in use, and neatly coils them when they aren’t.

Cable Turtle

Cable Turtle
Part of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Collection, the Cable Turtle wraps up excess cable length, and stores it out of sight in its sleek shell.

Cababo Frog Design Box Winder

Cababo Frog Design
Was $5.99
This fun, wide-eyed, and cartoonish frog brings a splash of humor to your desk while keeping extra-long USB cables organized and wound to the perfect length.

Cableyoyo, cable wrap

Mounts onto gadgets, walls or dashboards so you can wind up low voltage earbud, cell phone, and USB cables to exactly the length you need.

EarPod, HT-EP100

Great for travel, EarPod has an external channel to wind up loose cords, and a felt-lined inner compartment to safely store earbuds when your MP3 player isn’t in use.

Cable Fish Winder

Cable Fish
This simple winder is not only great for managing extra-long household cables and window treatment cords, it’s also disguised as a brightly colored fish.

Animal Clips Bamboo the Panda

Animal Clips
ONLY each
Get unruly cables under control while adding some personality and charm to an otherwise dull workspace. Have fun choosing from 30 different animal designs!



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