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Cable Management and Beyond

Cord Covers, Cable Protectors, and ADA Ramps

Prevent trip-and-fall accidents while protecting cables and hoses from abrasion, crushing and other damage. Perfect for home, office, schools, military facilities, convention centers, and special events.

Braided Sleeving

Harness computer, home theater or engine bay wiring, protect hoses, or create custom A/V cables with a high-end look.PET, stainless steel, Kevlar®, Teflon® and more.

Wire Loom

Organize, hide and protect cables with versatile and budget-friendly flexible tubing. Or try chrome wire loom to make your engine bay wiring pop.

Surface Raceways, Gortrac® Nylatrac™ Cable and Hose Carriers, Wire Duct & Cable Tray

Support and neatly route cables from Point A to Point B, in a wide range of styles that are perfect for home theaters, offices, data centers, and industrial environments.

Cord Clips and Cable Wraps

Route cords along surfaces, bundle cables and keep your earbuds and USB cables tangle-free with wire clips, cord winders and Cable Turtles.

Power/ Data, Desk Outlets and Grommets

Power up your home and office with conference table and desk outlets, surge protectors, extension cords, power strips, and Power Flor. Protect cables from sharp edges with grommets for office furniture, counters, and computer cabinets.

Server Racks and Computer Cabinets

Our 19" racks, wall mounts, outdoor cabinets and rack accessories support servers and other network equipment in server rooms, data centers, in the field, and beyond.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Insulate, support and color-code cables with our many varieties of heat shrink, including high-performance tubings made from Viton®, Neoprene®, PVC, FEP and PVDF.

Label Printers, and Cable Identification

Identification will set you free: stop guessing and save time by creating custom labels for cables and office supplies with our wire markers, labelers, label tapes and refill cartridges from DYMO, Brother and more.


Professional tools for installing and testing cable, bending conduit, pulling wire and storing and protecting tools.

Fire Protection

Safeguard home and business against fire with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, composite sheets and pillows, expanding foam, intumescent caulk, silicone sealant, from 3M, Abesco, Kidde and more.


Top picks from the first name in fiber optics: MIC® riser and plenum cables, FREEDM® One cables, ALTOS gel-free cables, single- and multimode patch cords, UniCam® connectors and termination kits.


Untangle Your Life

Ever seen someone labeling and organizing cables, and thought that they were being too nitpicky? Or more importantly, have you ever bent down to grab a specific cable under your desk or behind an entertainment center, only to be frustrated by a tangled heap of anonymous wires? If you’ve experienced either of these situations, it’s time to know the truth: cable management isn’t obsessive behavior – it’s just a smart move that saves you an incredible amount of time and aggravation in the long run.
Cables are an inescapable and essential aspect of modern life: they bring electricity into our homes, connect us to the Internet, let us enjoy our home theaters and gaming systems, help us do business, and keep us in touch with loved ones. But despite all that they do for you, cables shouldn’t overrun your life, home, and workspace. That’s where we come in.
At, we make it easy to take control of clutter-causing cables, as well as the annoyances and hazards that come with them. Our products range from low-budget to high-performance, and can be used anywhere from homes and classrooms to businesses and industrial facilities. But despite the variety, one thing remains the same: our cable organizing solutions are designed to be effective, and make your life less complicated.
Still wondering what cable management can do for you? It has the power to:

  • Make your home and workplace safer, with fewer tripping hazards (cord covers).
  • Make wires easier to identify for faster connections, disconnections, and device troubleshooting (labels and cable flags).
  • Make a better impression on guests and clients, with a neater desk, conference room, home theater setup, or kitchen counter (cable wraps, pop-up power/data centers, and surface raceway).
  • Transform your data center patch panels from cabling nightmares to neatly ordered rows of patch cords (rack cable managers).
  • Turn unruly piles of cables into sleek, organized bundles (cable ties, wire loom, braided sleeving).
  • Protect wires, cables, and even hoses from everyday wear-and-tear like abrasion, crushing and UV/chemical exposure (heat shrink tubing, cable protectors, and specialty sleevings).
  • Keep young children and pets safer, by limiting their access to cables and plugs (wire loom, cable wraps, tamper-proof outlet covers).

Here’s to the untangled life!


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