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Cable Pulling Lubricant

Aqua-Gel® IIP Wire Pulling Lubricant
Formulated for low viscosity, this cable pulling lube can be easily poured or pumped on to eliminate messy hand application, and dries to a semi-fluid film, so that cables don't become stuck to one another or the conduit they're in.

Ideal Yellow 77 Plus Wire pulling lubricant

Yellow 77® Plus Wire Pulling Lubricant
Featuring a Teflon additive that allows it to lubricate better than other wax-based products, this cable pulling lubricant has a homogeneous formula that requires no mixing, and won’t harden, leaving cables easy to extract in the future.


Aqua-Gel® Cold Weather Cable Pulling Lubricant
Designed specifically for use in cold weather environments, this outdoor cable lubricant stays fluid all the way down to -25°F (-32°C), so it's able to maintain superior lubricity in temperatures that would freeze most other wire lubes.

Ideal Velocity Cable Lubricant

Velocity™ Cable Pulling Lubricant
Formulated to move cables up to 4" in diameter through the oldest, dirtiest, and most stubborn conduits, this high-lubricity wire pulling lube contains no wax, grease, or silicone, so it's safe for use in any environment.

Aqua Gel II cable pulling lubricant

Aqua-Gel® II Cable Pulling Lubricant
Formulated to remain semi-fluid even after drying, this polymer-based cable lubricant allows you to move cables later on without reapplying, and is completely non-corrosive, so it won't harm wiring, conduit, or the environment.

IDEAL ClearGlide cable lubricant

ClearGlide™ Wire Pulling Lubricant
Ideal for use with color-coded cable runs, this clear gel wire lubricant won't stain, fade, or discolor cable jackets, and has a water-based formula that's both environmentally-friendly and easy to clean up.



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