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in-line wire connectors

SpliceLine™ In-Line Wire Connectors
From / 100pk
Designed to save time and give you instant visual confirmation of a successful splice, these transparent in-line connectors require only low insertion force, and install in half the time of traditional butt splices.

IDEAL Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connector

Twister® 341® Tan Wire Connector
From / 400ct
The IDEAL Twister Wire Connectors are able to handle a wide array of sizes from 22 AWG to 8 AWG. These connectors are easy to use, secure fitting, provide maximum dielectric protection and meet UL and CSA rating requirements.

IDEAL ID-30-452 Wing-Nut® 452® Wire Connector, Red

30-452 Wing-Nut® 452® Wire Connector, Red
From / box of 50
The IDEAL Wing Nut 452 Wire Connectors are made to accommodate from two to four wires ranging in size from 18 AWG to 10 AWG. These wing nuts are easy to use, have a square spring that helps secure them into place, and meet strict UL and CSA rating requirements.

Ideal Wire-Nut

Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors
From / 100 per pack
Perfect for quickly joining wires ranging from 8 to 22 AWG, these twist-on connectors have an inner spring that threads tightly for a reliable grip on wires, and are made of self-extinguishing plastic to resist fire in the event of sparking.

ideal twister pro wire connectors

Ideal® Twister® PRO Wire Connectors
From / box of 50
Designed to splice electrical wires without the need for crimping or even tools, these twist-on connectors feature square springs for secure connections, as well as wings and vertical grooves for improved comfort and grip during installation.


50 ft. Blued Steel Thumb Winder™ Fish Tape - 31-010
The IDEAL 50 ft. Blued Steel Thumb Winder Fish Tape is specially designed for general work, not wet conditions or where live circuits could be damaged. It is manufactured from carbon steel and has a tensile strength of 1600 lbs.


Tuff-Grip™ Steel Fish Tapes
The IDEAL Tuff-Grip™ Steel Fish Tapes are manufactured from carbon-blued steel. The 1/8” wide tape has a tensile strength of 2100 lbs and the 1/4" has 4200 lbs of tensile strength. The Tuff Grip has an oversized grip making it easy to use with gloves.

 Ideal 74-028

Ductile Iron Bender Head and Handle for 1" EMT conduit
The ID-74-028 and ID-74-003 are heat-treated which means they are strong, especially at the stress points making it durable and long lasting. The bender has precise marking etched into the head for excellent visibility.


Zoom™ Fish Tape
The IDEAL Zoom Fish tape has an innovative clear case design. You are able to see how much tape you have left on the roll, removing any guesswork. The radial steel, round design assists in maneuvering around bends and in all directions.


Tape-Pak® Gold-Fish® Fish Tape - 31-144
The IDEAL 31-144 Tape-Pak® Gold-Fish® Fish Tape is 50 feet long and specially designed for multiple bends since it will not kink and has no memory meaning it will hang straight even after being bent for long periods. Its tensile strength is 600 pounds.


Tuff-Grip™ Stainless Steel Fish Tape
IDEAL ID 31-067 Tuff-Grip™ Stainless Steel Fish Tape is 240 feet long is specially designed fish tape for wet job conditions as well as rough edge conduit. This tape is durable and tough enough for most rough job site conditions.

IDEAL S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape Field Application Repair Kit

S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape Field Application Repair Kit
Withstanding up to 500 pounds of force this kit comes complete with Crimpmaster™ Crimp Tool frame, die set, two eyelets, two leaders and instant adhesive.


Tuff-Grip™ S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape
With a non-conductive fiberglass core with an outer nylon coating, the tape reduces jamming, friction and abrasion and provides twice the pull-out strength of other brands.

polypropylene rope, 31-839

Pro-Pull™ Rope
Designed as a low-cost alternative to expensive mechanical cable pullers, this low-friction polypropylene rope can easily pull even heavy cables through conduit without being snagged, and is smooth enough to use without gloves.

Ideal Foam Carriers

Industries Foam Carriers
Designed to sweep built-up dirt, debris and cable lubricant residue from conduit and pipes, these foam carriers can be attached to cables, so that you can clear your conduit and pull new wire at the same time.

Ideal Valu-Line Powr-Fish Pull-Line

Valu-Line™ Powr-Fish® Pull-Line
Designed to prevent knotting and reduce the amount of cable lubricant needed, this shrink-wrapped cable pulling line has a 210 lb tensile strength to handle heavy cables, and can be left behind in conduit for future pulls.

ideal pull line packages

Ideal Industries Pull Line Packages
From / 10 per Pack
Ideal Line Packages have a tensile strength of 17 pounds to pull heavy wires through all types of conduit. The one piece design makes it faster and easier with no knots or foam carriers to retrieve and they can be used with blowers or vacuum systems.

in-sure push-in 30-series wire connectors

Ideal® In-Sure™ Push-In Wire Connectors
From / 100 per Pack
Easy Inspection Connectors with reliable stainless steel inserts. These connectors have a clear visual display and are color coded for quick identification. Supports electrical wiring 600V and lighting fixtures or signage up to 1000V.



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