Ideal Industries® Wing-Nut™ Twist-On Wire Connector

Easy-to-Install Wire Connectors for Low Voltage Electrical Connections

Wing-Nut® 452® Wire Connector

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IDEAL ID-30-452 Wing-Nut® 452® Wire Connector, Red

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CE CSA cULus Listed

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these wire nuts?

  • Winged design makes it easy to grasp and install wires, and does not require pre-twisting of wires
  • Contains a threaded entry point and deep skirting for easy starts to your connections
  • Removable and reusable, these connectors make repair and maintenance a breeze
  • Ideal for creating electrical connections up to 600V using wires size #18 AWG through #6 AWG
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The IDEAL Wing-Nut® 452 Wire Connectors are made to accommodate from two to four wires ranging in size from 18 AWG to 10 AWG. These wing nuts are easy to use, have a square spring that helps secure them into place, and meet strict UL and CSA rating requirements.

  • The thermoplastic shell is rated at UL 94 V2 which means it is flame retardant and can be used for high temp applications
  • Recessed, multi-slotted insert gently holds the wing-nut in place while providing consistent torque to ensure proper conductor mating and installation
  • Connector has “wings” making it easy to grasp and spring into position, twist on easily with no pre-twisting required
  • A versatile selection for your needs because it is removable and reusable
  • The shell is rated to 105 degrees so you can use this connector for high temperature environments
  • The wing nut has a threaded entry point and deep skirting for easy starts to your connections
  • UL File number E5238 and listed to 486C, CSA Certified to C22.2, complies with Federal Specification W-S-610E, and is in accordance with IEC Publications 998-2 and 998-2-4
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA USA


Accessory :

Wing-Nut® Wire Connector Socket Tool for Model 451® and 452® wire connectors


Speeds installation of Wing-Nut Connectors

Fits 1/4" chuck or drive socket


Wire Combination Range :

14 thru 10 AWG
Min. 2 #14 (2,5mm² to 6,0mm²)
Max. 3 #12 & 1 # 14 (3-4,0mm² w/ 1-2,5mm²)


connector socket tool, 30-902



wire nut cross section
21 / 64" 15 / 32" 15 / 16" 5 / 16" 1 - 15 / 64"
8.5mm 12mm 24mm 8mm 31.5mm


Wire Combination Range : Accepts 2 #18 to 4 #10 AWG
Maximum Voltage : 600V
Shell Temperature Rating : For 105°C
Dimensions : 1-15/64" L x 15-16" W
Weight : 0.0085 lb
Wire Type : Copper
Maximum Wire Combination : 4
Minimum Wire Combination : 2
Color : Red
Type : Nut

600 V
18 thru 8 AWG (75mm² to 10,0mm²)
Min. 2 #18 (2-,75mm²)
Max. 4 #10 (4-6,0mm²)

Yellow Box of 100 0.85 lb
ID-30-452 Red Box of 100 0.85 lb
ID-30-452J Red Jar of 300 2.7 lbs
ID-30-552 Red Pack 1000 3.25 lbs
ID-30-652 Red Bag of 500 3.25 lbs



ID-30-902 Ideal Wing-Nut® Wire Connector Socket Tool for Model 451® and 452® wire connectors 14 thru 10 AWG
Min. 2 #14 (2,5mm² to 6,0mm²)
Max. 3 #12 & 1 # 14 (3-4,0mm² w/ 1-2,5mm²)
0.05 lb
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