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Network Testers

IDEAL LinkMaster Tester

LinkMaster™ Tester
Ideal Industries’ LinkMaster Tester 62-200 is for use with UTP/STP cables. It is designed to test installed twisted pair wiring for configurations, checks for shorts, wires connected poorly, reversals, split pairs, unshielded and shielded modular plugs. Ideal for Category 6 cabling.

MultiMedia Cable Tester

Voice, Data & Video - VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester
Cable types tested include: Data network cable, CAT6, CAT5E, CAT5, CAT4, CAT3 and Coax. Voice: Tests 3 –pair USOC and 6-position RJ11/12 jacks for voice cable testing. Data: Tests both shielded and unshielded cable to T568A/B (RJ45). Video: Tests coax cable for opens and shorts with F-connector interface.

Ideal LanXPLORER tester, 33-942P

LanXPLORER™ PRO Network Tester
Ideal for testing networks based on copper, fiber, or a combination of both, this touchscreen tester can accommodate cable plug-ins or test wirelessly to map and measure cables, as well as monitor bandwidth and locate faults.

ID-33-892, SecuriTEST PRO

SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV and Security Tester
Perfect for testing, aiming, focusing and programming multiple security cameras from a single stationary location, this tester provides 7 essential test functions, and comes with a neck strap, carrying case, charger, adapter, battery pack and more.

Ideal SignalTEK II cable qualification tester

SignalTEK® II Qualification Testers
Designed to test copper, fiber, or a combination of the two, these testers incorporate pin/pair wire mapping, performance and ping testing for full functionality, and allow you to perform tests through switches and other intermediary components to reduce disruption.

Fiber Optic Fault Finders

IDEAL Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder

Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder
The Visual Fault Finder is a light source used to locate breaks, poor mechanical splices and damaged connectors in fiber optic cables. It’s perfect to verify continuity, test and find breaks in fiber links, locate pinched fiber strands in termination cabinets, or anywhere fiber optic cables are terminated and subject to mechanical damage.



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