IDEAL 61-165 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer

Eliminate the Guesswork with this Electrical Tester Before Accidents Happen

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What's special about this electrical tester?

  • Identify false (bootleg) ground / earth connections
  • Test GFCI's and EPD's for correct operational use
  • ULCarry out testing safely and without disturbing sensitive loads
  • Verification of isolated grounds/earth connection (with 61-176 adapter)
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The SureTest circuits patented technology enables the user to effectively see behind walls and panels to look for and identify wiring problems that can cause electric shock hazards, electrical fires, or poor appliance operation. Personal shock hazards can start from incorrect or faulty grounding, false grounds, or misuse of grounding conductors.


ID-61-165 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer 0.95 lb DISCONTINUED
ID-61-175 SureTest® Ground Continuity Adapter 0.25 lb DISCONTINUED
ID-61-176 SureTest® Isolated Ground Adapter 0.16 lb DISCONTINUED
ID-61-182 Extension Cord 0.3 lb DISCONTINUED

Arc faults and high resistance in cables and terminations lead to higher temperatures and connection failures in the circuit and its control gear, leading to reduced voltage supply and high ground to neutral voltage, an estimated 80% of power supply and performance problems can be directly attributed to the issues detailed above.

  • Made in the USA
  • Arc Fault Tester
  • Tests AFCI's for correct operational use
  • Show and test shared neutrals
  • Measuring and indicating voltage drop under full load for 12A, 15A, 20A load tests
  • True RMS indication
  • Line Voltage displayed
  • Constructed from fire retardant (UL94 - V2) ABS plastic
  • Peak Voltage
  • Frequency measurement
  • Ground to neutral voltage readings
  • Ground impedance resistance testing
  • Measure hot and neutral conductor impedances
  • Indicates correct connection of wiring in 3-wire receptacles
  • Includes: carrying case and 1' extension cord
  • 2 year warranty


AC Voltage Range & Resolution: 85.0 - 265.0 VAC
Basic Accuracy: 1.0%
Frequency Range & Resolution: 45.0 - 65.0 Hz
Basic Accuracy: 1.0%
Impedance Range & Resolution: 0.00 - 1.99Ω
Basic Accuracy: 5.0%
Ground-Neutral Voltage Range & Resolution: 0.0 - 24.0 VAC
Basic Accuracy: 2.0%
% Voltage Drop
(12A, 15A, 20A load tests)
Range & Resolution: 0.1% - 50.0%
Basic Accuracy: 5.0%
GFCI Test Current
(Times out after 6.5 seconds Range & Resolution)
6.0 - 9.0 mA
0.0 - 6500 mS
Basic Accuracy: 2.0%
Standards UL and cUL E210116
Item Receptacle tester with AFCI
Indicator Super Bright LCD Display
Net Weight 0.95 lbs
Warranty Length 2 years







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