IDEAL Master Lock Python Kit with 6FT Cable

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The IDEAL Master Lock Python Kit with 6' cable secures anything within its grasp. The patented, exclusive lock set holds flexible steel cable tight in any positions for unlimited possibilities.


Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-44-990Master Lock Python Kit w/ 6 FT Cable1.75 lbs
  • Exclusive, patented product holds the flexible steel cable tight at any position for any number of possibilities (patent # 5,791,170)
  • The 100% steel braided cable is cut resistant
  • There are 3 key positions for a variety of applications
  • The ABS bumper keeps your lock from getting scratched
  • Included with the lock is an adjustable cable which can be used at 1' to 6'
  • Innovative Velcro strap keeps cable neatly bound
  • Re-key the cylinder if necessary
  • Vinyl coated cable sleeve and lock body
  • 90 day warranty from distributor; lifetime guarantee from manufacturer
  • Aluminum lock body


Unlimited Locking Positions: The patented lock holds the cable tight at any position, from 1 ft [30 cm] to 6 ft [1.8 m].
Cable Thickness: 3/8 in [10 mm]
Cable Composition: 100% steel braided cable





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How Effective are Cable Locks at Protecting My Property?

44-990 cable lock kit

There are as many types of locks as there are uses for one. Cable locks are similar to chain locks. They both often come with the lock already permanently integrated as part of the cable or they have loops at each end of the cable or chain where you would secure the lock.

One of the reasons to select a cable lock like the Ideal Python Lock instead of a chain lock is the ease of use. Many cable locks are made of spring cable that automatically coils itself when released. Even a straight cable can be coiled by the user into a more manageable shape than a chain.

Many cyclists use a long cable to secure bicycle components (such as the wheels or seat) in conjunction with a bicycle lock or padlock, such as the 44-990 Master Lock, which can be used to secure the frame. Special strong cables are available which are made with a loop at each end continuous with the cable, which enable linking with a locking device.

Laptops have become thief magnets; hundreds of thousands of laptops are reported stolen each year. Thousands more were simply misplaced or left in hotel rooms, restaurants, airports, cabs or coffee shops. Protect your capital investment by following these guidelines to better laptop security.

Never assume your laptop will be safe just sitting around. Treat as if it were $1,000 in cash lying around, and lock it down using a cable lock. Kensington’s MicroSaver Alarm Lock has a cable, lock and an audible alarm which sounds if it is tampered with.

A good habit to get into is locking your laptop up when you're working with it, or when storing it. This process will take you less time then it does for your PC to boot.

Over 80% of the laptops on the market are equipped with a Universal Security Slot (USS) that allows them to be attached to a cable lock or laptop alarm. While this may not stop determined hotel thieves with bolt cutters, it will effectively deter casual thieves who may take advantage of you while you leave your computer lying around momentarily. Most of these devices are economically priced and can be found at office supply stores or online. In addition to the quality of the cable, consider the quality of the lock. Finally when using a cable lock system, be sure to tether it something sturdy and secure.

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