IDEAL LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifiers

Certify Cables with Speed and Accuracy

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What's special about this cable tester?

  • High quality cable certifier designed for top accuracy and speed
  • 128Mb internal memory available, so more graphs and data can be saved - up to 1700 TIA-Cat 6 tests
  • Patented DualMODE™ function enables you to certify two different cabling standards at once
  • Universal adapter system eliminates the need for expensive permanent link adapters
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The LanTEK® II Series Cable Certifier's patented testing method saves time and money while giving you the best price and performance possible. It comes in 3 models to suit any need, 350MHz (for Category 6 cabling and below), 500 MHz (for Category 6A cabling), and 1GHz (for Category 7 and up to 1000MHz). It is extremely versatile, giving you the power to certify for TERA, GG45 and EC7 category 7/7A systems, plus M12 industrial Ethernet and coaxial test adapters.


LanTEK® II Certifiers
ID-LANTEKII-350 Ideal LanTEK® II TIA/EIA CAT6, ISO Class E Certifier w/ CAT6 Adapters 17.45 lbs
ID-LANTEKII-1000 Ideal LanTEK® II TIA/EIA CAT7, ISO Class E Certifier w/ CAT6 Adapters 17.45 lbs
Contents for LanTEK® II Kits: LanTEK II display and remote handset, two smart lithium-ion batteries, two 110-240V power adapters with US/EU/UK plugs, lockable semi-rigid carrying case, CAT6 F/FTP patch cords, USB cable, DataCENTER data management and reporting software, two headsets, hanging straps, and ETL accuracy certificate
Comparison Chart
FiberTEK Modules
ID-33-990-FA01 Ideal LanTEK® II FiberTEK FDX Adapter Kit - Multimode (850/1300nm) with LED light sources for standard multi-mode fiber, 850nm LED, 1300nm LED 8 lbs
ID-33-990-FA03 Ideal LanTEK® II FiberTEK FDX Adapter Kit - Single Mode (1310/1550nm) with laser light sources for single mode fiber, 1310nm FP laser, 1550nm FP laser 15 lbs
ID-33-990-FA04 Ideal LanTEK® II FiberTEK FDX Adapter Combo Kit - Combination MM/SM with LED MM sources and laser SM sources (33-990-FA01 & 33-990-FA03) 15 lbs
Contents for FiberTEK FDX Kits: two FiberTEK FDX modules, lockable semi-rigid carrying case, SC, FC, ST adapters for modules (2 each), SC-SC patch cords (MM Kits: 3x 62.5µm, 3x 50µm; SM kits: 3x 9um SMF) compliant to ISO/IEC 14763-3 standard, quick reference guide, and electronic operation manual


LanTEK® II Comparison Chart

Feature LanTEK® II 350 LanTEK® II 500 LanTEK® II 1000
Frequency Range 350 MHz 500 MHz 1000 MHz
Cable specification CAT 3/ISO C, CAT 5/ISO D, 5e/D new, 6/E yes yes yes
Cable specification CAT6 / ISO E Upgradeable yes yes
Cable specification ISO F, ISO F Upgradeable Upgradeable yes
Accuracy level III / IIIe / IV (LanTEK® II) III (ETL) IIIe (ETL) IIIe / IV (ETL)
DualMODE™-tests yes yes yes
Test with patch cord yes yes yes
CAT6 test storage capacity with graphs 1700 1700 1700
USB port yes yes yes
Serial port (concerns only Service) yes yes yes
Fiber (LWL) loss and strength measurement (FiberTEK™ FDX) Optional Optional Optional
Communication over fiber (LWL) and copper (Full Duplex) yes yes yes
LCD-display on Remote handset (RH) yes yes yes
Tone generator to determine connection on near and remote end yes yes yes
Lithium-ion battery packs yes yes yes
  • When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery gives you 18 hours of use
  • Equipped with USB host and device ports, and two-way PTT talkset port
  • Ultra-bright 4.3 inch wide screen display features a 160-degree viewing angle
  • Customizable IDEAL DataCENTER (IDC) software allows you to see only the data that you need
    • User-friendly software is easy to use and allows you to scan through data and test results quickly
    • Allows you to adjust colors to make analyzing data effortless
    • Provides several reporting options, such as XML, CSV, and PDF, which can be uploaded using a USB thumb drive
  • Optional FiberTEK FDX gives users the capability to test for fiber optic certification
    • Tests and measures a single strand of fiber at two wavelengths and in both directions
    • Eliminates the need to swap fibers or modules
  • All models of LanTEK® II systems include remote handset, two smart lithium ion batteries, two 110-240V power adapters with US/EU/UK plugs, lockable semi-rigid carrying case,Cat6A F/FTP patch cords, USB cable, DataCENTER data management and reporting software, two headsets, hanging straps and ETL accuracy certificate.
  • All FiberTek FDX packages include lockable semi-rigid carrying case, SC, FC, ST adapters for modules (2 ea), SC-SC patch cords (MM kits: 3x 62.5µm, 3x 50µm; SM kits: 3x 9um SMF) compliant to ISO/IEC 14763-3 standard, quick reference guide, and electronic operation manual


LanTEK® II Certifers
Handset Dimensions 10" H x 5" W x 2.1" D
25.4cm H x 12.7cm W x 5.3cm D
Handset Weight (with battery) Display: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
Remote: 2.3 lbs (1.0 kg)
Battery Lithium ion, 7.4VDC, 6.6AH
Input: 12V/2A DC
Typical Operating Time: 18 hours (new battery running a CAT6 test every 2.5min, full backlight)
Charge Time: 4 hours quick charge with battery removed from handset, 6 hours inside handset
Input Power Handset: DC 12-15V, 2A
Line/mains power: AC 110-240V
Display 4.3" wide screen TFT, 480 x 272 pixel, 95 x 54mm viewable area
Connectivity Adapter port: 168 pin ultra low crosstalk, mini-USB device port, USB host port (display handset only), four pin serial port (service use only), 1/8" talkset jack, power/charging jack
Frequency Range LanTEK II-350: 1-350MHz
LanTEK II-500: 1-500MHz
LanTEK II-1000: 1-1000MHz
Memory Non-volatile flash, storage capacity for 1700 TIA-CAT6 tests with graphs. Tests can be copied to USB flash drive, up to 64GB
Measurements Wire map, DC loop resistance, length, capacitance, MEXT, insertion loss (formerly attenuation), ACR-N (formerly ACR), return loss, average impedance, propagation delay, delay skew, power sum NEXT, power sum ACR-N (formerly power sum ACR), ACR-F (formerly ELFEXT), power sum ACR-F (formerly power sum ELFEXT), alien crosstalk (with optional AXT testing kit)
Length Measurement 0-2000 ft; 1 ft resolution, +/- (3% + 3 ft)
Supported Cable Types TIA/EIA Category 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, and 6A: 100Ω
ISO/IEC Class C, D, E, EA, F, FA: 100Ω
CAT6/6A Class E/EA RJ-45 permanent link adapters: shielded and un-shielded cable, universal adapters provide channel, permanent link and basic link measurements
Supported Connectors Additional adapters: GG45, ARJ45, TERA, EC7 (MMCPRO3000), Coax 50-75Ω (BNC connector), M12 industrial
Tone Generator Integrated into display and remote handset, compatible with standard analog inductive probes, selectable tone (high/low/warble) 500/600 Hz, selectable pin output
Input Protection 100V @ 25 mA
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C, non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20° to 70° C, non-condensing
Vibration / Shock MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 3
Supported Languages Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Accuracy Baseline: Certified by ETL to meet IEC 61935 Level III/IIIe/IV
Channel/Permanent link: TIA 568-B.2-2 and IEC 61935 Level III/IIIe/IV
Warranty (LanTEK® II/FiberTEK FDX) One year; batteries and accessories are warranted 90 days
PC Software Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, 512MB RAM, 500MB hard disk + 1GB for every 1,500 Category 6 tests
FiberTEK FDX Adapters
Compatibility LanTEK® II (any model)
Connector User changeable adapter (SC, FC, ST), 2.5mm ferrule
Laser Safety Multi-mode 850 VCSEL: class 3, 5mW max
Multi-mode 1300 laser: class 3, 5mW max
Single mode 1310 & 1550: class 3, 5mW max
Power Meter Accuracy ± 0.5dB from 0dBm to -40dBm 850-1550nm; system dynamic range 40dB
Length Accuracy ±3%; maximum distance measurement: 3000m
Display Resolution Power/attenuation: 0.1dB, length: 0.1m/0.1ft


  Range Resolution Accuracy
Length (50 - 100 Ωcable) 0 - 605 m 0.1 m ± (3% + 1 m)
Delay 0 -8000 ns 1 ns / 0.1m ± (3% + 1 ns)
Average Impedance 35 - 180 0,1 ± (3% + 1)
Capacitance (bulk) 0 - 100 nF 1 pF or 3 digits ± (2% + 20 pF)
Capacitance 0 - 333 pF/m 0.1 pF ± (2% + 1 pF)
DC Loop Resistance 35 - 200 0,1 ± (1% + 2)
Attenuation 1MHz - GHz 0.1 dB Level III/IIIe/IV
NEXT (crosstalk) 1MHz - GHz 0.1 dB Level III/IIIe/IV
Return Loss 1MHz - GHz 0.1 dB Level III/IIIe/IV
ELFEXT / ACR-F 1MHz - GHz 0.1 dB Level III/IIIe/IV
ACR / ACR-N 1MHz - GHz 0.1 dB Level III/IIIe/IV


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Singlemode Patch Cords Singlemode Patch Cords
From per meter
Singlemode is an optical fiber, with a small core (2-9 microns that supports one mode). The mode Size (standard ie 8.3/125) is stamped on the yellow cable jacket. Singlemode is most commonly used for high speed, long distance applications.
Cat 5E Patch CablesCAT5e Patch Cables

CAT6 Patch Cables
Multimode Patch Cords Multimode Patch Cords
Multimode is an optical fiber with a core (25-200 microns) that supports several modes. The core commonly 62.5/125 or 50/125 is stamped on the cable jacket. Multimode is most commonly used for lower speed, short distance applications.
voice, data and video testerIDEAL Voice, Data & Video - VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester
Cable types tested include: Data network cable, CAT6, CAT5E, CAT5, CAT4, CAT3 and Coax. Voice: Tests 3 –pair USOC and 6-position RJ11/12 jacks for voice cable testing. Data: Tests both shielded and unshielded cable to T568A/B (RJ45). Video: Tests coax cable for opens and shorts with F-connector interface
NaviTEK 2 cable test kitsIdeal® NaviTEK® II Network Test Kits
Perfect for active field technicians who want to dispense with carrying multiple testers, these tools are available in several different handset versions that accommodate a wide range of copper and/or fiber tests, and give the ability to store results and generate graphs/reports.
Mini Fiber Termination KitMini Fiber Termination Kit
This tool box from Quest Tools has just about everything you need to terminate your fiber optic cables.

lanxplorer network tester, 33-942PIdeal LanXPLORER™ PRO Network Tester
Ideal for testing networks based on copper, fiber, or a combination of both, this touchscreen tester can accommodate cable plug-ins or test wirelessly to map and measure cables, as well as monitor bandwidth and locate faults.

signaltek 2 cable qualifier, R156000, R156001SignalTEK® II Qualification Testers
Designed to test copper, fiber, or a combination of the two, these testers incorporate pin/pair wire mapping, performance and ping testing for full functionality, and allow you to perform tests through switches and other intermediary components to reduce disruption.

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