Ideal® In-Sure™ Push-In Wire Connectors

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What's special about these wire connectors?

  • Transparent shell gives you a clear view of the connection for visual verification
  • Low insertion force reduces installation times by up to 50% over twist-on connectors and other traditional connector types
  • Tin-plated copper contacts maximize conductivity for consistent operation
  • Ideal for a variety of electrical wiring installations including receptacles, switches, occupancy sensors up to 600V and light fixtures or signage up to 1000V
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In-Sure™ Wire Connectors by Ideal Industries® provide solution for many wiring installations, extensions, and additions. These connectors feature clear windows at the contact point for easy connection inspection. For general purpose electrical wiring, up to 600V is accepted. For light fixtures or signage, up to 1000V is accepted, making these connectors ideal for this purpose.


ID-30-1032 2 12-18 AWG Red 100
ID-30-1033 3 12-18 AWG Orange 100
ID-30-1034 4 12-18 AWG Yellow 100
ID-30-1039 3 10-14 AWG Blue 100
ID-30-087J 5 12-18 AWG Gray 150
ID-30-088J 6 (Stacked) 12-18 AWG Blue 100
ID-30-090J 8 12-18 AWG Black 100
  • All models are easily inserted into a 1 inch or larger knockout, so you don't have to remove faceplates or disconnect devices to alter wiring within a box
  • 221°F (105°C) temperature tolerance allows you to use these connectors in nearly any environment
  • Dielectric tested to 3000V to ensure protection from shock under normal operating conditions
  • Stainless steel inserts keep wires secure for the most reliable connection



Property Value
Power Building Wire: up to 600V
Signage/Lighting: 1000V
Operating Temperature 221°F (105°C)
Industry Standards UL 486C
UL 467
UL 94-V2
IEC 998-2-2
CSA C22.2 #188
RoHS Compliant
CE Certified
Material Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, Copper, Tin


Model Solid Stranded Stranded Tinned
32, 33, 34 #12 AWG - #20 AWG #12 AWG - #16 AWG (19 strand or less)
#18 AWG (7 strand)
#14 AWG - #18 AWG (19 strand or less)
39 #10 AWG - #14 AWG #10 AWG - #12 AWG (19 strand or less) #10 AWG - #14 AWG (19 strand or less)
87, 88, 90 #12 AWG - #20 AWG #14 AWG - #16 AWG (19 strand or less)
#18 AWG (7 strand or less)
#12 AWG - #14 AWG (19 strand or less)
#16 AWG (26 strand or less)
318 AWG (16 strand or less)


  Wire Gauge Ports Color Dimensions
32 12-18 AWG 2 Red 0.78" L x 0.52" W x 0.38" H
(19.81 x 13.20 x 9.65 mm)
33 12-18 AWG 3 Orange 0.78" L x 0.69" W x 0.38" H
(19.81 x 17.52 x 9.65 mm)
34 12-18 AWG 4 Yellow 0.78" L x 0.82" W x 0.38" H
(19.81 x 20.82 x 9.65 mm)
39 10-14 AWG 3 Blue 0.78" L x 0.86" W x 0.45" H
(19.81 x 21.84 x 11.43 mm)
87 12-18 AWG 5 Gray 0.35" L x 0.91" W x 0.73" H
(9.02 x 23.03 x 18.52 mm)
88 12-18 AWG 6 (Stacked) Blue 0.61" L x 0.60" W x 0.73" H
(15.42 x 15.32 x 18.52 mm)
90 12-18 AWG 8 Black 0.35" L x 1.38" W x 0.72" H
(9.02 x 35.03 x 18.21 mm)






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