Ideal Industries HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager

Quickly Locate the Hottest & Coldest Temperatures to Accurately Identify Problem Areas

thermal imaging camera, Ideal 61-844

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Ideal Industries HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about the HeatSeeker™?

  • Instantly pinpoints the hottest and coldest temperatures within components and behind walls to locate problem areas
  • Dual cursors and a digital image overlay clearly denote extreme temperature locations, for quick and immediate on-the-job decision making
  • Equipped with the ability to mark images with text and voice to help with data analysis later on
  • Handle can be removed to allow tripod mounting for continuous, long-term testing
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Instantly detect thermal problems with the HeatSeeker™ by Ideal Industries, a user-friendly thermal imager that's able to locate the hottest and coldest temperatures on a live screen, and then merge the data with a digital image for instantaneous diagnosis. A must-have for electrical services, industrial maintenance and building inspection.

  • Transfer data from the USB port or Micro SD card to your computer for a quick printout for customers
  • Built-in LED light helps you locate objects in dark areas
  • Adjustable emissivity for better accuracy
  • Temperature range of 14° to 660° F (-10° to 350° C) to detect varying degrees of heat and col
  • +/- 2% or +/- 4°F accuracy to immediately detect problem areas
  • Perfect for electrical contractors, building maintenance personnel, and energy efficiency auditors
  • ThermalVision PC Software, handle, quick start guide, AC adapter, battery, and carrying case included
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA  USA


Part # ID-61-844
Weight 4.75 lbs [2.15 kg]
Dimensions 5.12" x 3.74" x 3.54" [130mm x 95mm x 90mm] (excluding handle)
Temperature Range 14° - 660° F (-10° to +350° C)
Filed of View 20° x 20°
Spectral Response 8m to 12 μm
Sensitivity ≤ 0.3C @ 30C
Detector 47 x 47 pixel array
Frame rate 8Hz
Focus range 0.5m to infinity
Image Storage
Number Up to 1,000 images on Micro SD card supplied
Medium Micro SD Card
Temperature Range 14° - 660° F (-10° to +350° C)
Radiometry Two moveable temperature measurement cursors
Temperature difference measurement
Emissivity Correction User selectable 0.10 to 1.00 in steps of 0.01 with reflected ambient temperature compensation
Accuracy The greater of ±2C or ±2% of reading in C
Imager Power Supply
Battery Lithium-ion field rechargeable
Operation time Up to 6 hours continuous operation
AC operation AS Adapter Supplied
ID-61-844 HeatSeeker™ Thermal Imager
Includes: thermal imager, removable handle, carry case, ThermalVision PC Software, and USB cable
4.75 lbs



ID-61-844USB USB Cable (included with above imager) 0.2 lb
ID-61-844HAN Camera Handle (included with above imager) 0.3 lb
ID-61-844CC Carrying Case (included with above imager) 1.6 lbs
ID-61-844PS Power Supply w/ adapter (included with above imager) 0.5 lb
ID-61-844LS Light Shade 0.3 lb
ID-61-844CAR Car Charger 0.2 lb

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