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Essential Tools You Need for Data and Video Cable Installations

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What's special about this kit from IDEAL?

The Ideal Expanded Data and Video ID-33-917 is a comprehensive kit which is includes all your video and data cable service needs. Great for networking and systems administration technicians. This kit includes upgraded tools and testers and is a must. Kit contains a cutter, stripper, compression tool, tone generator, amplifier probe and much more as well as a bag to carry it all, even your manuals, papers and spare cables.


Individual Products
ID-30-522 Crimpmaster Crimp Tool for RJ-45 Modular Plugs 1.55 lbs
ID-35-046 F/BNC Connector Insertion/ Removal Tool 0.35 lb
ID-35-407 110/66 Blade Combo Punch Down Blade 0.125 lb
ID-35-410 Large Mouth Bag 2.2 lbs
ID-45-526 Coax Stripper w/ Replacement Cartridge 0.35 lb

ID-45-074 Data T®-Cutter
cutterCuts communication cable up to 1/2" and coaxial cable up to RG-9/U; cushioned grip handles; locking latch keeps tool closed
33-856 VDV Multimedia Cable Tester
multimedia cable testerComplete testing for Voice, Data, and Video applications. Ideal for testing in residential and commercial environments. Supports RJ11/12, RJ45, and coax F-Connector cabling and interfaces. Easy-to-read LCD display with PASS/Miswire indicators, wiremap display and troubleshooting modes.
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ID-45-165 UTP/Coax Stripper
coax stripperStrips twisted-pair wire, stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT, and other power cords, 3/16" to 5/16"
45-526 Coax Stripper w/ Replacement Cartridge 2-step
coax stripper 2-stepAdjustable coaxial wire stripper for F-Type, many single crimp BNC/TNC, Twist-on BNC/TNC, Twinax and UHF connectors. Strips 0.250" (6.3mm).

30-522 Crimpmaster Crimp Tool for RJ-45 Modular Plugs
Crimp tool for RJ-45 modular plugFor RJ-45 eight-position keyed or non-keyed modular plugs. Accuracy and consistency every time. Dies change quickly and easily with a screwdriver. Interchangeable dies mean versatility. Ergonomic, cushioned, comfort-grip handles.

30-703 OmniSeal XL Compression Tool
compression toolWorks with the following connectors: BNC, F-Connector for series 6 and 59 cables, RCA connectors. Compatible with IDEAL, PPC, Thomas & Betts, Digicon and Gilbert Connectors. Quick reliable, high quality terminations.
ID-35-485 Punchmaster II w/ 110 Blade
punchmaster toolErgonomic, cushioned grip makes high-volume jobs easier; has high and low settings depending on termination requirements.
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35-407 110/66 Blade Combo Punch Tool
combo blade 110/66Combination 110/66 punchdown blade. Both 110 and 66 sides have cutting edges. Fits with Ideal #35-483 Punchmaster II Turn-Lock tool or most industry standard punchdown tools.
35-046 F/BNC Connector Insertion/Removal Tool
F/BNC connectorWorks on compression and hex crimped connectors. Exclusive socket design accommodates BNC, TNC, and F type connectors. Makes attaching (and detaching) connectors to equipment easier. F type post aids with installing CATV connectors on coax cable. Comfortable, dual durometer chemical resistant handle.
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35-088 Electrician's Scissors w/Stripping Notch
toteFor use in telephone and electrical service applications. Diverse uses thanks to the stripping notches and serrated surface
62-164 Amplifier Probe
amplifier probeEasy to replace battery. Excellent signal sensitivity to assure pinpoint identification. Volume level can be adjusted for noisy environments. Easy to replace tip without opening the case. Low battery indicator. Recessed on/off button to prevent battery drain. 9 Volt battery included.
35-410 Large Mouth Bag - 13in
large mouth bagEasy access from top for large tools. Reinforced to hold itself open. Measures 9" wide x 12" deep with 11 pockets outside and inside for convenient hand tool storage.







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