Ideal 74-028 Ductile Iron Bender Head and Handle for 1" EMT Conduit

Bender Has Precision Degree Scale, Star, Arrow, and Rim Notch For Perfect Bends Every Time

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What's special about this conduit bender ?

  • Bender is made of ductile iron to make it strong and durable
  • The handle is made of heat-treated steel for strength, coated with a blue enamel which resists rust and break down
  • Deeply serrated step reduces the chance of slipping, when applying maximum leverage
  • Clear and precise etched markings equate to easy use and ultimately perfect bends every time
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ID-74-028 Ductile Iron Bender Head and Handle for 1" EMT Conduit 12.3 lbs
ID-74-003 Ductile Iron Bender Head for 1" EMT Conduit 5.225 lbs
  • Stress point reinforcement on the bender ensures a longer life
  • You are assured a stable starting point due to the flat hook surface
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


The ID-74-028 and ID-74-003 are heat-treated which means they are strong, especially at the stress points making it durable and long lasting. The bender has precise marking etched into the head for excellent visibility. There is a deep notched step which prevents the tool from slipping during maximum leverage. Additionally the internal hook is grooved which helps prevent conduit from slipping. Flat hook surface provides stable starting point.


Accessories :

ID-74-003 Ductile Iron Bender Head for 1" EMT Conduit

Ductile Iron Bender Head

Length 46"
Weight 12.3 lbs
For use with 1" EMT Conduit





EMT ConduitEMT Conduit
From / 100ft
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