ID-61-532 Ideal Analog Breaker Finder

Easy and Efficient One Man Operation


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What's special about this circuit breaker finder?

  • Identifies specific circuit breakers or fuses with visual and audible indicators so you can see and hear the results for a clear and UL Listedconcise reading
  • Easy one person operation saves time and resources when troubleshooting circuitry issues
  • Ideal for use on energized or live lines so it can be used for a variety of applications
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The Ideal Analog Breaker Finder automatically locates AC circuits quickly and easily with an analog receiver.


ID-61-532 Ideal Analog Breaker Finder 0.55 lbs DISCONTINUED
ID-C-290 Ideal Carry Case for Breaker Finders 0.4 lbs  
  • Powered simply with a 9V battery so you don’t have to find specialty batteries for replacement
  • Easily and quickly not only identify an energized outlet, but troubleshoot it as well
  • Tester includes transmitter, receiver, battery, and instructions
  • The automatic calibration and locating feature removes the possibility of human error
  • Independently tested to high safety levels
  • UL E60043 Rated
  • CE Rated
  • Ideal for locating circuitry for:
    • AC Outlets
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Fuses
  • Made in Canada

The Ideal Analog Breaker Finder removes any guesswork when it comes to finding the circuit breaker supplying power to an AC outlet or lighting fixture. The one-person operation, audible and visual indicators make this the easiest way to verify the presence of power in a circuit breaker.

Operating Voltage 100-140 VAC
Operating Frequency 47-63 Hz
Maximum Load 18A (4ms) at 120 VAC, 200mW max at 120 VAC
Duty Cycle Max: 4mS every 16.6mS (continuous), (.24%)
Power Supply 9 VDC battery
Operating Storage Temperature 0 - 50°C
Weight 0.50 lbs
Weight (excluding battery) Transmitter approx. 50gr., receiver approx. 85 gr.
Package Contents Transmitter, receiver, battery, and instructions


Locating a Circuit Breaker or Fuse :
1. Plug the transmitter into the receptacle.
2. Go to the circuit breaker panel box.
3. Turn the receiver on.
4. Place the flat surface of the tapered end of the receiver directly onto the circuit breaker or fuse as shown. If the receiver is held at any other angle, inaccurate readings may occur.
5. Slide the nose of the receiver down each breaker along both sides of the panel. Note that the receiver will beep frequently as it measures the relative signal strength.
6. Move the receiver down each breaker once more. On the second pass, the receiver will beep and the red LED will not light only at the circuit breaker powering the transmitter.
7. Trip the breaker off and check that the LED on the transmitter in the outlet is offto confirm you have found the correct breaker or fuse.

Locating a Circuit Breaker or Fuse Controlling an Incandescent Light Fixture :
1. If the incandescent light fixture is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is OFF.
2. Remove light bulb.
3. Install a Screw-in socket adapter (not included).
4. Plug the transmitter into the adapter.
5. Turn on the wall switch and follow the procedure described in Locating a Circuit Breaker or Fuse, steps 3 through 7.

Battery Replacement :
Unscrew and remove battery cover. Insert new 9V battery into battery compartment and re-install battery cover.
Clean with a dry cloth.





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