ICM-CPLCRBC Radial Taper Compression Tool

The Innovative, Double Bubble Design For Permanent, Rock Solid Connections

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What's special about this compression tool?

  • The Double Bubble system uses two 360° compression connections; one on the inside, and another on the outside to ensure a permanent connection
  • This is a true 360° radial compression tool, meaning it compresses all the way around the connector making it especially strong and sturdy
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ICM-CPLCRBC Radial Taper Compression Tool is a specially designed tool for use with ICM's patent pending Double Bubble 360 Compression Connection System. This compression tool also works with full line of F, RCA and BNC connectors.


ICM-CPLCRBC ICM Radial Taper Compression Tool 1.25 lbs 7" x 2.75" x 1" Blue, Yellow
  • This compression tool can be used to crimp the full line of F, RCA and BNC connectors for use on various applications
  • Specially designed to be used with ICM's patent pending Double Bubble 360 Compression Connection System for a complete audio/video termination
  • Created in combination with a new line of one-piece, non-blind entry, bubble connectors, for a solid connection
  • This tool is light, compact and easy to use and has no adjustable parts mean you are ready to go any time
  • The open face design makes room and allowances for many connector sizes and styles, including the F-Conn series of F, BNC and RCA connectors, as well as the new line of Double Bubble connectors
  • Created for use with RG59, RG6 and security cables
  • Available with blue, green or yellow grips so you can color coordinate your tools
  • Made in USA Made in USA


  • Constructed of steel and plastic
  • For use with RG59, RG6 and security cables
  • For use with F, RCA and BNC connectors
  • Shipping weight : 1.25 lbs (1lb 4oz)
  • Dimensions : 7" x 2.75" x 1"








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