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ICM F Type Compression Connectors

F Type Compression Connectors
Use the ICM Corp F Compression Connectors to ensure a high quality signal with a secure, long lasting connection which will eliminate problems in the future due to poor connection quality. These connectors are made of brass and can withstand 80 pounds of pull out force.

RCA Type Compression Connectors

RCA Type Compression Connectors
From 25 per pack
The ICM F-Conn line of RCA Compression Connectors is the perfect choice for your audio visual needs. During compression you are assured a permanent 360º compression right from the start, so you don't have to go back to correct errors caused by faulty or incomplete crimps.

ICM BNC Type Compression Connectors

BNC Type Compression Connectors
From / 25 Pk
The ICM Corp BNC Compression Connectors provide you with high quality, secure, long lasting signal connections which will eliminate problems in the future due to poor connection quality.

Compression Tools

ICM Compression Tool, CPLCRBC

CPLCRBC Radial Taper Compression Tool
ICM-CPLCRBC Radial Taper Compression Tool is a specially designed tool for use with ICM's patent pending DB 360 Compression Connection System. This compression tool also works with full line of F, RCA and BNC connectors.

ICM Compression Tool, CPLCCT-SLM

CPLCCT-SLM F-Conn Linear Compliant Compression Tool
ICM Corporation manufactures high-quality Cable Pro installation and specialty tools that are specifically made for the AV professional installer. The Linear Compliant Compression (SLM) Tool is an innovative self-adjusting, lightweight compression tool.

Compression Tool Kit

DB Starter Compression Tool Kit
DB Starter Kit contains a compression tool, a strip tool and a flaring tool, with a selection of universal F, RCA and BNC connectors in sizes 59 and 6.


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