Iboco® Dinosaur Self-Adhesive Flexible Wire Duct

Highly Flexible Wire Duct for a Multitude of Applications


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What's special about this flexible conduit?

  • This slot wire duct is flexible enough to go around 90° corners and be installed into tight spaces for a wide range of uses
  • Flexible top pulls apart to accept wires and closes securely to hold them in, delivering easy installation and eliminating the need for a separate cover
  • Features both adhesive backing and pre-drilled holes for mounting screws, so you can easily choose a mounting option according to the smoothness of the surface you're working with
  • High flexibility eliminates the need for attachments to make turns, resulting in a much faster and simpler install
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UL Recognized

DINOSAUR Wire Duct by Iboco® is a highly flexible and versatile duct for all applications. This duct will install onto smooth surfaces using its adhesive-lined back or onto rougher surfaces with screws. The flexibility of this duct allows you to compress it to fit into tight spaces and go around curves and corners. Wires are secured without the need for a cover, and this duct will accept wires at any point for branching and merging runs.


IBC-DN25 Small Dinosaur Duct 0.6" W x 0.75" H x 19.7" L
[1,27 x 1,9 x 50 cm]
24 1.54 lbs [0,57 kg] Gray, White DISCONTINUED
IBC-DN35 Medium Dinosaur Duct 1.2" W x 1.25" H x 19.7" L
[2,54 x 3,5 x 50 cm]
24 3.3 lbs [1,23 kg] Gray, White DISCONTINUED
IBC-DN45 Large Dinosaur Duct 1.5" W x 1.6" H x 19.7" L
[3,5 x 4,4 x 50 cm]
14 2.63 lbs [0,98 kg] Gray, White DISCONTINUED
  • Open-slot design allows you to introduce wires into the duct at any point to accommodate more complex runs
  • High operating temperature and radiation resistance result in high performance in some of the harshest environments
  • Self-extinguishing polyethylene construction prevents the spread of fire and does not emit toxic fumes
  • Withstands damage from earthquakes, falling equipment, and other common causes of mechanical stress
  • This duct may be cut using scissors or a utility knife, but is best cut using a wire duct cutter
  • Ideal for wire routing in food processing plants, waste water management facilities, military applications, and more


Material Self-Extinguishing Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature 176° F [80° C]
Industry Standards UL Recognized (white only)
Mounting Options Adhesive Tape (included) or Screws


Part # IBC-DN25 IBC-DN35 IBC-45
Quantity per Carton 24 24 14
Drawing GIF file GIF file GIF file
Overall HxW 1.0" x 0.70" 1.73" x 1.25" 2.16" x 1.65"
Inside HxW 0.75" x 0.6" 1.25" x 1.2" 1.6" x 1.5"
Length 19.7" [50cm] 19.7" [50cm] 19.7" [50cm]
Total Length in Carton 472.8" [12m] 472.8" [12m] 275.8" [7m]
Duct Finger Size 0.19" 0.19" 0.19"
Duct Finger Spacing 0.29" 0.29" 0.29"
Color Options Gray, White Gray, White Gray, White
Screw Hole Spacing 1.97" 1.97" 1.97"
Screw Hole Dimensions 0.31" x 0.18" 0.31" x 0.17" 0.31" x 0.17" & 0.55" x 0.25"

No Manuals Available







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