Middle Atlantic Home Theater Rack SRSR series - 19" Rotating Sliding Rail System

Rack Frame Removes Need for In-Shop Integration And On-Site Installation

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What's special about this rack frame?

  • Middle Atlantic Home Theater Rack is made in the USA
  • Made of 11 Ga. cold rolled steel
  • 10-32 EIA compliant threaded rack rail with marked rack space increments for speedy equipment mounting
  • Pulls out and rotates 90° in either direction for easy access to equipment connections
  • Removable rack frame allows in-shop integration and on-site installation of equipment, saving time in the field
  • Locks in the extended position for simplified equipment integration
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Do you need to access electronics in your home theater rack often? Are you constantly upgrading your equipment? Our Middle Atlantic SRSR Home Theater Rack may be the answer. This Home Theater Rack features a 90º swing out design that allows components to be accessed from the rear. The rotating equipment bay locks in place at 0°, 60°, and 90° positions making installation and servicing quick and trouble free.


QMA-SRSR-2 19" Rotating Sliding Rail/Rack System 12-24 19" 2 slide
150 lbs
QMA-SRSR-4 19" Rotating Sliding Rail/Rack System 12-30 19" 4 slide
300 lbs
QMA-SRSR-X 23" Rotating Sliding Rail/Rack System 12-30 23" 4 slide
200 lbs
QMA-HPS-25CT 25 pc. Black 10/32 Phillips Screws with Washers

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  • Simplifies equipment installation in rack
  • Shortens installation & service time
  • Self-centering mounting base makes it simple to align system within rack opening
  • Available in 19" and 23" useable depths
  • Sizes ranges from 12 to 30 spaces
  • Rear cable support, when used in conjunction with rear rackrail, provides effective cable management
  • Ball bearing slides allow smooth rollout
  • Up to 300 pound weight capacity, depending on mode
  • Comes in a black powder coated finish


SRSR-2 and SRSR-4 specifications


SRSR-X specifications


sectional diagrams of home theater rack

Part # A (Useable Rackspaces) B (Finished Opening Height)
inches (mm)
SRSR-2-12 / SRSR-4-12 / SRSR-X-12 12 24 (608)
SRSR-2-13 / SRSR-4-13 / SRSR-X-13 13 25-3/4 (653)
SRSR-2-14 / SRSR-4-14 / SRSR-X-14 14 27-1/2 (697)
SRSR-2-15 / SRSR-4-15 / SRSR-X-15 15 29-1/4 (742)
SRSR-2-16 / SRSR-4-16 / SRSR-X-16 16 31 (785)
SRSR-2-17 / SRSR-4-17 / SRSR-X-17 17 32-3/4 (831)
SRSR-2-18 / SRSR-4-18 / SRSR-X-18 18 34-1/2 (875)
SRSR-2-19 / SRSR-4-19 / SRSR-X-19 19 36-1/4 (920)
SRSR-2-20 / SRSR-4-20 / SRSR-X-20 20 38 (964)
SRSR-2-21 / SRSR-4-21 / SRSR-X-21 21 39-3/4 (1008)
SRSR-2-22 / SRSR-4-22 / SRSR-X-22 22 41-1/2 (1053)
SRSR-2-23 / SRSR-4-23 / SRSR-X-23 23 43-1/4 (1097)
SRSR-2-24 / SRSR-4-24 / SRSR-X-24 24 45 (1142)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 25 46-3/4 (1186)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 26 48-1/2 (1231)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 27 50-1/4 (1275)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 28 52 (1320)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 29 53-3/4 (1364)
SRSR-4-25 / SRSR-X-25 30 55-1/2 (1408)


side view diagram of rack extended


top view plan of rack

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ASR slide out & rotating shelving systemASR Slide Out & Rotating Shelving System
Ideal for smaller systems or when an open shelf system is desired, and the ability to customize shelf fronts is not required. Economical Solution combines the functionality of a professional racking system with the simplicity of adjustable shelves.
sliding rack mountable shelves, SS, SSLMiddle Atlantic Standard & Low-Profile Sliding Shelves
Able to accommodate everything from laptops to servers, these slide-out shelves make it easy to access the rear of rackmounted components for easy maintenance, and feature telescopic rear supports for compatibility with almost any 4-post rack.
LT-1R Rackmount LightLT-1R Rackmount Light
Middle Atlantic's LT-1R series rackmount light allows you to easily view your electronic components from both the front and rear. The retractable light shelf requires only one rack space, and features a dimmable LED bar that illuminates automatically when opened. Constructed of 18-gauge steel, this light shelf contains two USB ports, which are capable of accepting the Middle Atlantic LT-GN gooseneck light.
Home Theater Rack ShelfHome Theater Rack Shelves
The Zero Space Rack Shelf is designed expressly for use in our slim home theater equipment rack SRSR. This "zero-space" rack shelf features full-depth front and rear rack mounting, providing a secure shelf for non-rack components.
We also offer 19" single-sided vented and not vented shelves
iec power cordsIEC Power Cords
These cords are designed to save you valuable space, and come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your rack installation needs. Each size comes in a pack of four, which includes one of each color (black, brown, gray, white) to allow for easy identification and color coordination of you power cords, making them easy to install and service when needed.

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