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What's special about these cabinets?

  • Designed to protect up to 1000 lbs of LAN and WAN equipment
  • Front and rear doors are hinged left with key-lock flush handle and 3-point latching for added security
  • Vented, heavy gauge steel base is designed to bolt to floor with seismic-rated fasteners for added support
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Hoffman Seismic cabinets have been designed to protect 1000lbs of networking equipment through ZONE 4 seismic activity based on NEBS-Telcordia GR-63-CORE standard vibration test. These cabinets easily adapt to different types of applications by using the accessories.


H x W x D
HF-ENC2178S Hoffman Seismic 19" Cabinet 45 84.05" x 27.55" x 31.50" 406 lbs
HF-ERA1921TPL Hoffman Rack Angle, 19" L, Tapped (2) - fits 2100 mm 25.6 lbs
HF-ENC2189S Hoffman Seismic 19/23" Cabinet 45 84.05" x 31.50" x 35.44" 458 lbs
HF-ERA192321TPL Hoffman Rack Angle, 19/23" L, Tapped (2) - fits 2100 mm 40 lbs
HF-ENC21710S Hoffman Seismic 19" Cabinet 45 84.05" x 27.55" x 39.37" 430 lbs
HF-ENC21712S Hoffman Seismic 19" Cabinet 45 84.05" x 27.55" x 47.25" 477 lbs
HF-ESBDK Hoffman Concrete Expansion Anchor Kit 4/Pk - 3/8" 2 lbs
HF-ATPB9005 Hoffman Touch-Up Paint RAL 9005 - Black - 12oz can 5.28 lbs
HF-ERB1U2319 Hoffman Panel Adapter 1 23 to 19 x 1U 0.3 lb
HF-ERB3U2319 Hoffman Panel Adapter 3 23 to 19 x 3U 0.6 lb
HF-ERB5U2319 Hoffman Panel Adapter 5 23 to 19 x 5U 1.1 lbs
  • Smoke gray acrylic window in reinforced front door for safety
  • Easily adapts to many applications using accessories
  • Same key provides access to all doors
  • Doors and side panels are removable
  • 1 key provides access to all doors and panels
  • Top has two cable entry ports with caps and grommets


  Part # Dimensions
H x W x D
Description RU N Additional Rack Angles Rack Angle Hole Type
seismic cabinet dimension
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ENC2178S 84.05" x 27.55" x 31.50"
(2135mm x 700mm x 800mm)
19" cabinet 45 16.40"
ERA1921TPL Tapped
ENC2189S 84.05" x 31.50" x 35.44"
(2135mm x 800mm x 900mm)
19" or 23" cabinet 45 20.40"
ERA192321TPL Tapped
ENC21710S 84.05" x 27.55" x 39.37"
(2135mm x 700mm x 1000mm)
19" cabinet 45 16.40"
ENC21712S 84.05" x 27.55" x 47.25 "
(2135mm x 700mm x 1200mm)
19" cabinet 45 16.40"


Industry Standards:

Telcordia NEBS™ GR-63-CORE Zone 4: Tested with 1000lbs (453.6 kb) of equipment installed and 100 lb (45.4 kg) of simulated cable weight on the top.
Meets California Building Code (CBC) requirements
EIA 310-D

Load Rating:

Dynamic: 1100 lbs (499 kg)
Static: 2500 lbs (1134 kg)






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