Hoffman Open Frame Rack Shelves

Essential Element for Any Structured Cabling System

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What's special about these open frame rack shelves?

  • High load ratings allow more equipment in less space
  • Many options available to fit your unique application including adjustable shelves
  • Standard design fits any rack
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Hoffman open frame rack shelves are probably the most important accessories for your racking project. These shelves made from solid or vented steel and also available in aluminum are perfect for any project. Featuring high load ratings and a wide choice of styles you are sure to find one or perhaps a few of these to fit your racking needs.

Please Note: These shelves only work with Hoffman 2-Post Open Frame Racks

One-Sided Vented Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESH19V19" One-Sided Vented Shelf19"150 lbsBlack Painted Steel22 lbs
HF-ESH23V23" One-Sided Vented Shelf23"150 lbsBlack Painted Steel26.3 lbs
Double-Sided Vented Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESHDV1919" Double-Sided Vented Shelf19"300 lbsBlack Painted Steel28.3 lbs
HF-ESHDV2323" Double-Sided Vented Shelf23"300 lbsBlack Painted Steel28.6 lbs
One-Sided Solid Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESH19S19" One-Sided Solid Shelf19"150 lbsBlack Painted Steel30 lbs
HF-ESH23S23" One-Sided Solid Shelf23"150 lbsBlack Painted Steel30.2 lbs
Double-Sided Solid Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESHD1919" Double-Sided Solid Shelf19"300 lbsBlack Painted Steel33 lbs
HF-ESHD2323" Double-Sided Solid Shelf23"300 lbsBlack Painted Steel40 lbs
Adjustable Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESHVA1919" Adjustable Shelf19"60 lbsBlack Painted Steel23.9 lbs
HF-ESHVA2323" Adjustable Shelf23"60 lbsBlack Painted Steel28.2 lbs
Keyboard/Monitor Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESH19KBM19" Keyboard/Monitor Shelf19"200 lbsBlack Painted Steel30.8 lbs
HF-ESH23KBM23" Keyboard/Monitor Shelf23"200 lbsBlack Painted Steel30.2 lbs
19" Brushed Aluminum Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-ESHA1919" Single-Sided Shelf19"150 lbsBrushed Aluminum33.1 lbs
HF-ESHDA1919" Double-Sided Shelf19"300 lbsBrushed Aluminum30 lbs
HF-ESHDHDA1919" Double-Sided HEAVY DUTY Shelf19"400 lbsBrushed Aluminum59.5 lbs
19" Pull-Out Shelf
Part #DescriptionWidthLoad CapacityFinishWeightPrice
HF-E19SKBM19" Pull-out Keyboard Tray, Monitor Shelf19"200 lbsBlack Painted Steel20 lbs
  • RAL 9005 black finish matches most industry standard racks
  • Steel or aluminum body for added strength and durability
  • Durable finish coat for scratch resistance



Shelf Load Capacity
One-Sided Solid Shelf 150 lbs (68.0 kg)
Double-Sided Shelf 300 lbs (136.1 kg)
One-Sided Vented Shelf 150 lbs (68.0 kg)
Double-Sided Vented Shelf 300 lbs (136.1 kg)
Adjustable Vented Shelf 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Keyboard/Monitor Shelf 200 lbs (90.7 kg)






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