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HellermannTyton SpeedyTie Releasable Cable Lashing Ties

SpeedyTie™ Releasable Cable Lashing Ties
From / 5 per pack
With 200 lbs tensile strength and double-loop capability, these are ideal for securing up to 2 cable or tubing bundles onto construction or assembly line equipment.

Metal Content Cable Tie being pulled by a magnet

Metal Content Ties
From / 100 per pack
Created specifically for the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, these cable ties contain metal particles that make them detectable to food safety scanners, should they accidentally make contact with product.

heavy duty cable ties

Heavy Duty Lashing Ties
From / 25 per pack
Ideal for HVAC applications, these heavy-duty ties are available in lengths up to 52", and have can withstand a temperature range of –40°F to 185°F.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties
From / 50 per pack
With ball-bearing head mechanisms and fully adjustable straps, these ties install easily with tensioning tools, and are strong and safe enough for heavy-duty jobs.

Dual Clamp Cable Ties

Dual Clamp Cable Ties
From / 50 per pack
A patented dual-head design lets you create 2 separate cable bundles with a single tie, then mount them onto walls, trailers, or vehicle chassis.

Swivel Clip Cable Ties

Swivel Clip Cable Ties
Price / 500 per pack
Perfect for clipping extra cables or hoses onto existing cabling or fixtures, these ties feature a fully-swiveling clip that can easily be attached to and removed from round objects between 0.17" and 0.20"in diameter, so that you can make changes whenever needed.

Edge Clip and Cable Tie Assemblies

Edge Clips
Price / 500 per pack
Perfect for temporary or permanent cable mounting in automotive, electrical, and other industrial applications, these edge-mounted clips are able to firmly grip surfaces without the need for nails, screws, or adhesives, so they can be easily removed or relocated.

snapper clamps

Snapper Clamps
Stable in the presence of heat, UV rays and chemicals, these non-corrosive cable and hose clamps install and remove 5 times faster than conventional clamps.

snapper clamp tools

Snapper Clamp Tools
These mechanical hand tools use a simple "scissors stroke" to install Snapper Clamps, saving time and protecting your fingers from abrasion and fatigue.

Cable Tie Tension Tools

HellermannTyton Cable Tie Tension Tool

TytonTwyster Cable Tie Tension & Cutoff Tools
Available in 2 different models that accommodate different cable tie widths, these tensioning tools allow you to tackle just about any installation.

HellermannTyton  High Tension Cable Tie Cutoff Tool

High Tension Cable Tie Cutoff Tool
In addition to eliminating the fatigue and raw fingers that come with hand-installing cable ties, this tool has 3 adjustable tension levels to prevent cable damage.

HellermannTyton MK9

Cable Tie Tension Tool MK9
With a padded foam grip and the ability to accommodate cable ties up to 1/2" wide, the MK9 can tension and trim ties with a tensile strength of up to 250 lbs.

Hellermann Tyton T150

Heavy Duty Cable Tie Installation Tool
With pliers-type handles that provide a mechanical advantage, this installation tool is designed for heavy-duty HVAC tie wrap installations.

HellermannTyton MK9SST

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tension Tool
Compatible with both 304 and 316 stainless steel cable ties, this tool also has a padded foam grip handle for extra comfort and control during installations.


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