HellermannTyton Helagaine Braided Sleeving

Durable PET and Copper-Blend Braided Sleeving for Highly Sensitive Electronics

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What's special about this metal braided sleeving?

  • Specially blended copper braided sleeving provides sensitive cables and electronic components with a high level of protection from damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • High-end construction provides excellent protection and abrasion resistance for use in wide range of demanding applications such as military, heavy machinery, delicate electronic devices, automotive engineering, radio equipment, and appliances
  • Unique design allows sleeving to expand, bend, and accommodate larger bundles, while still being able to return to its original shape, unlike standard copper braids
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RoHS CompliantUL

HellermannTyton Helagaine Braided Sleeving combines the practicality of PET fibers with the endurance and protection of copper braid to form the ultimate solution for EMI resistance. This top of the line, specialty braided sleeving provides users who aren't willing or able to take chances with an excellent EMI- and abrasion-resistant product to ensure equipment remains functional during the most crucial of moments.


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Tin Color with Black Fibers

Polyester (PET), Halogen Free, Tin Plated Copper Braided Sleeving
Part #Nominal DiameterLengthPrice
HT-173-004000.16" / 4mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-006000.24" / 6mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-008000.32" / 8mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-010000.34" / 10mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-012000.47" / 12mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-014000.55" / 14mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-016000.63" / 16mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-018000.71" / 18mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-020000.79" / 20mm164 ft / 50m
Polyester (PBT), Tin Plated Copper Braided Sleeving
Part #Nominal DiameterLengthPrice
HT-173-604000.16" / 4mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-606000.24" / 6mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-608000.32" / 8mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-610000.34" / 10mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-612000.47" / 12mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-614000.55" / 14mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-616000.63" / 16mm328 ft / 100m
HT-173-618000.71" / 18mm164 ft / 50m
HT-173-620000.79" / 20mm164 ft / 50m
  • Available in bulk, continuous reels for tackling any size application
  • Easy-to-use material and stylish tin color complements connecters, plugs, and cabling to provide a professionally finished product with minimal effort
  • Highly flexible design is excellent for applications where cables are susceptible to premature wear and tear from exposure to constant movement and friction
  • Features an inner support tube that eases the insertion of cables while protecting them from deformation during transportation
  • Meets all requirements of the international EMI norm CISPR25 (10KHz to 1 GHz)
  • RoHS compliant


Braided Sleeving 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm
Product Dimensions
Bundle Ø max. 6.5mm 10mm 11.5mm 13mm 15mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 25mm
Bundle Ø max. (imperial) 0.26" 0.40" 0.45" 0.52" 0.59" 0.71" 0.79" 0.87" 0.98"
Bundle Ø min. 4mm 5mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm
Bundle Ø min. (imperial) 0.16" 0.20" 0.32" 0.32" 0.39" 0.47" 0.55" 0.63" 0.71"
Bundle diameter Range ETIM (Braided Sleeving) 4 - 6.5 5 - 10 8 - 11.5 8 - 13 10 - 15 12 - 18 14 - 20 16 - 22 18 - 25
Bundle diameter Range ETIM
4 / 6.5 5 / 10 8 / 11.5 8 / 13 10 / 15 12 / 18 14 / 20 16 / 22 18 / 25
Nominal Ø 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm
Nominal Ø (imperial) 0.16" 0.24" 0.32" 0.39" 0.47" 0.55" 0.63" 0.71" 0.79"
Ø D 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm
Reel Length 100m 100m 100m 50m 50m 100m 100m 50m 50m
Reel Length (imperial) 328 ft 328 ft 328 ft 164 ft 164 ft 328 ft 328 ft 164 ft 164 ft
Weight (Kg) 21.5 g/m kg 28.5 g/m kg 26.5 g/m kg 43.5 g/m kg 48.0 g/m kg 58.0 g/m kg 72.5 g/m kg 78.6 g/m kg 100.0 g/m kg
Material and Specifications
EMI requirements 10 KHz to 1 GHz according to CISPR25 (DIN VDE 0879-2)
Flammability UL94 V2, FMVSS 302
Material Specification HF, RoHS
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +175 °C, Intermittent +200 °C
ROHS Conformity Yes
Specification NF F 16-101






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Questions & Answers


Is this sleeving electrically conductive? - Is sleeving electrically conductive; should it be used near computer components like a motherboard?

Asked by Anonymous user on

  • - Thank you for your question. Yes, sleeving is made from copper and is therefore conductive.

    Fernando M. on

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