Level Tool & Laser Level


LSDI EZ-Cut Template and Level
This lightweight template/level combo lets you simultaneously level and lay out gang box holes with complete accuracy, using only one hand.


Torpedo Level
Three different vials let you know at a glance whether or not surfaces are level, plumb, or at an accurate 45° angle.


Greenlee Mini Magnetic Level with Laser
With a laser light beam that can travel up to 80 feet, this magnetic level is perfect for aligning electrical boxes and conduit bend, as well as plumbing.


Rack-A-Tiers Laser Chalk Bob IV
With 2 plumb-bob inspired points, this laser marker takes the guesswork and pencil lines out of finding the precise location for light fixtures or framed art.

Rack-A-Tiers Laser Plumb Bob

Laser Plumb Bob
Able to work from ground level, this laser plumb is safer and easier to use because it frees up your hands, and eliminates the need for shaky ladders and tape measures.

Klein magnetic lighted level, 9330RE

Magnetic Lighted Torpedo Level - Klein Tools
Ideal for hanging everything from cabinets and frames to conduit, this lighted level features 3 LED-illuminated vials for easy visibility, a V-groove for steady positioning on pipes, and 3 Rare Earth magnets for hands-free leveling on iron and steel surfaces.

Wrist Magnet


Super Wrist Magnet
Equipped with 6 super-strong neodymium magnets, this lightweight steel wristband keeps screws, drill bits and other steel parts handy, and prevents loss.

wristband with magnet, PROHOLD

FastCap™ ProHold Magnetic Wristband
Perfect for contractors and home DIYers, this strong neodymium magnet is fastened to the wrist via a comfortable hook and loop wriststrap, or can be attached to power tools to hold nails, screws and drill bits close at hand until they're needed.

Miscellaneous Tools


Heavy-Duty Curved Claw Hammer
This hammer's fiberglass shaft and neoprene hand grip protect hands and wrists from impact while you hammer in and pull out nails.


Gear Strapz
Stretchy, reusable weatherproof straps are ideal for organizing field and telecom equipment, lashing down tarps, and securing toolboxes.


Master Lock Python Kit with 6' Cable
Secure bicycles, lawn furniture, computers, generators and more with this flexible steel cable and lock combo.

universal support beam, 3HAND

FastCap™ 3rd Hand Universal Support Beam
Perfect for electricians, network installers, and other professionals who need to juggle heavy equipment during installations, this support beam increases efficiency by acting as a third hand while eliminating the need for an extra person.

Platinum Tools Xtender Pole

Platinum Tools® Xtender Pole™ Multi-Purpose Installation Tool
Perfect for installing hardware onto ceilings and other elevated structures, these extender poles can be attached directly to power drills and drivers so that you can fasten screws from the ground, without the need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts.


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