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Greenlee Polyester Pulling Measuring Tape

Polyester Pulling Measuring Tape
Greenlee 4437 Pulling Tape comes in a series of various tensile strengths for any pulling and installing of wire and fiber optic cables within PVC and HDPE ducts measuring or pulling job.

Greenlee Conduit Measuring Tape

Conduit Measuring Tape
Greenlee Conduit Measuring Tape is low stretch for high accuracy. Made of Kevlar, it is ideal for pulling small cables or installing pull rope. Tape is durable and can be left in ducts without risk of wearing. The measurements are in feet and can measure up to 3000 feet.

Greenlee Double Braided Rope

Double Braided Rope
These high strength double braided ropes have shock absorption properties similar to nylon and a higher tensile strength than either nylon or polyester, this rope offers even balance and excellent resistance to abrasion, sunlight and as well as will not rot or mildew.


Poly Line Green Tracer
Poly line has a 210 lb. average breaking strength fishing tape which can be blown into conduit and then used to pull in a larger pulling rope.

clear lubricant, CLR-Q

Clear Lube, 1 Quart
Designed for use within electrical or datacom cable pulls. Clear and colorless for quick, easy clean-up. Excellent lubricity for fast pulls (.27-.29 COF).

clear cable lubricant, CLR-5

Clear Lube Pulling Lubricant, 5 gallon
Excellent for use in electrical or datacom cable applications; Easy to use and clean up, clear and colorless; Safe for use anywhere, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-corrosive; Well lubricated for fast pulls 9.27-.29 COF).

cream cable lubricant, CRM-5

Can be used with all cable insulation systems; Cream dries without hardening residue; Easy to use and clean up, no mess, no staining; Fast and easy pulling ability due to the light yellow cream.



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