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Fish Tapes


EZ Fish Tape
Flat steel tape reaches easily above ceilings, under carpets, and through walls to install wire. 25' (7.6 m) long, extending your reach where a traditional fish tape can't.


Steel Fish Tape
High-impact nylon, one-piece handle for maximum durability, long life, and easy, comfortable use. Wide, impact-resistant rewinder case with view ports to ensure tape fit and retaining strap on inside to hold tape secure.


Nylon and Fiberglass Fish Tape
Non-conductive fiberglass tape with low friction coating has unique non-coiling properties that enable it to fish in large and small conduit equally well, even with wire or cable in place.

Fish Stix


Fish Stix
High visible green color rods can be easily threaded together and seen when working above ceilings, down walls, or under raised floors. Two different threaded tips are available to accommodate various bundles of wire or cable.


Fish Stix Extenders
Whisk nose tip is available for fishing over obstacles, and can be used to guide extended Glo Stix sideways above ceilings by rotating.

Cable Pulling

Greenlee cable casters

Cable Caster
Improves productivity when installing cables over large distances. Just shoot the glow-in-the-dark green dart up to 50 feet, attach your cable and pull it back using the take-up reel. An integrated flashlight holder will accommodate the Pocket flashlight for improved visibility in dark areas.

Cable Tray Sheaves

Cable Tray Sheaves
Designed to cut down on friction and snags during heavy-duty cable pulls, these rollers attach temporarily to cable trays to help bundles roll along smoothly, then can be removed for use in future pulls.

Ultra Cable Feeder

Ultra Cable Feeder™
Feeds cable at variable speeds to match the speed of cable puller. Accommodates cable ranging in size up to 3.5" (88.9 mm) in diameter. Sets up easily and can be operated by just one person. Dual motors drive each wheel for traction on both sides of the cable.

Greenlee Tugger Cable Puller

Ultra Tugger™ 8 (UT8) Cable Puller
Pulls up to 8,000 (35.8 kN) lbs. Versi-Boom™ System allows you to make versatile and fast set-ups and pull 10' (3 mm) or 20' (6 mm) of extra cable easily. Uses standard 3" rigid steel conduit for boom. Direct gear drive.Lightweight.

UT4 Cable Puller application

Ultra Tugger™ UT4 4000lb Cable Puller Assembly
Able to deliver up to 4000 lbs. of pulling force for heavy duty wire installation jobs, this cable puller includes a remote control that allows you to start the machine from a distance, and features an adjustable nose for vertical, horizontal and side pulls.

Cable Puller Large Application

Greenlee® Cable Roller Pulling Tool
The Greenlee Rolling Guide Cable Puller helps you pull cables effortlessly along cable trays, ducts, and virtually anything you can clamp it to. Choose between two sizes to accommodate the size of your job.


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