Greenlee 975, 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump

This Pump Can Produce An Amazing 10,000 Pounds Per Square Inch!

GL-975 Greenlee 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump

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Greenlee 975, 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this hydraulic pump?

  • User can select between automatic and manual ram return selector switch for greater control
  • Hand held pendant switch is attached via a cord to the pump which eliminates the possibility of arcing
  • Motor, pump and circuits are encased in the plastic housing to provide protection from the elements
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The Greenlee GL-975 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump produces the flow necessary for the development of pressure to 10,000 psi. Greenlee’s hydraulic pump is compatible with hose numbers GL-05850, GL-05851, GL-05852 which are pre-filled with oil and ready to operate.

  • This pump is compatible with Greenlee’s hydraulic hose systems: GL-05850, GL-05851, and GL-05852
  • Hydraulic hose units come compete with couplers and dust caps
  • Made in the USA
  • One year manfacturer warranty


Length 12 inches
Type Hydraulic Pump
Weight 55-1/2 lbs
Capacity (Vol) 2.80 L
Operating Pressure 10,000.0 psi [Max]
Flow 4.0 mL/h [Max]
Voltage 120.0 VAC
Flow @ Pressure 0.30 L/min @ 10,000 psi
Power Source Electric
Height 15-1/2 inch
Width 10 inch
Power Capacity 1/2 hp [Max]
Frequency 60.0 Hz
GL-975 Greenlee 2.80 L Electric Hydraulic Pump 56.6 lbs
GL-05850 Greenlee 10' x 1/4" hose with (1) 3/8" male coupler and (1) 3/8" female coupler 3.3 lbs
GL-05851 Greenlee 10' x 1/4" non-conductive hose with (1) 3/8" male coupler and (1) 3/8" female coupler 3.5 lbs
GL-05852 Greenlee 25' x 1/4" non-conductive hose with (1) 3/8" male coupler and (1) 3/8" female coupler 5.5 lbs
GL-4016-GB Hydraulic Oil 1 Gallon [3.8 L] 8.5 lbs
GL-4017-GB Hydraulic Oil 1 Quart [0.9 L] 2.25 lbs

Greenlee GL-HK1232 12-Ton Hydraulic Crimping ToolGreenlee GL-HK1232 12-Ton Hydraulic Crimping Tool
The GL-HKL1232 uses all industry-standard U-style or shell-type dies which are made for 12-ton crimping tools. This means you can use the dies you already own. Two-speed ram means the crimp process starts fast and shifts to lower speed to complete the crimp precisely and quickly.

GL-855Greenlee 855 Smart Bender™
The Greenlee Smart Bender 855 has amazing operator convenience plus rugged digital control. It is the only bender that can program its bends for precision bending. One person is able to handle a 10' bending job of heavy conduit. The 855 can be used vertically or as a table top position. In addition it has adjustable pads for leveling, so rough terrain is no problem. The quad benders were introduced to eliminate the need for show change outs and eliminates loose bender parts.


Greenlee crimper toolsGreenlee Gator Plus Battery-Powered 4-Ton Crimping Tool
The Greenlee EK410 4 ton crimping tool series comes with a 120 V, 12 V, or a 230 V Charger. This new hydraulic pump design means you have a compact battery-powered crimping tool with capacity to 300 kcmil (mcm) copper color-coded connectors. In addition, it crimps 5/8 and 840 service entrance connectors.

Mobile Storage ChestsMobile Storage Chests
Greenlee Mobile tool storage chests are ideal for any applications that require frequent transporting. Greenlee’s mobile tool storage unit is equipped with an enhanced lid bolster for added support and durability and steel support arms to secure the lid in the open position.

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