Great Lakes Wall Mount Rack Cabinets

SR Series Pivoting Wallmount Enclosure

Tilt Panel Mount
Perfect for networks that are frequently updated, this wall mount enclosure features front mounting rails that let you tilt patch panels and switches forward, so that you can easily access the rear for maintenance or changes.

Swing Out Wallmount Enclosure - Great Lakes

Swing Out Wall Mount Enclosure, WM Series
Designed to house industrial control panels and network equipment, these enclosures feature independently locking front and rear sections for added security.

WS Series Wallmount Enclosures - Great Lakes

Wall Mount Enclosure - WS Series
Featuring a center swing-out section that gives outstanding access to both front and rear cabling, these enclosures can also be reverse mounted to save space.

Server Side Cabinet - Great Lakes

WE Server Side Wall Mount
Able to accommodate up to 350 lbs of equipment, this unique cabinet lets you mount servers sideways to save valuable space in your server room.

Deep Wallmount Swing Out Enclosures - Great Lakes

Deep Wall Mount Swing Out Enclosures
Built to house larger components, these versatile enclosures are 30" deep, and can be wall mounted, left freestanding, or placed on a table top.

Great Lakes - NEMA Type 12 Swing Out Wall Mount Enclosure

NEMA Type 12 Swing Out Wall Mount Enclosures
Perfect for warehouses, machine shops and other grimy indoor environments, these swing-out enclosures keep out contaminants and prevent unauthorized access to servers, patch panels and other components.

Wall Mount Swing Rack Great Lakes

Wall Mount Swing Open Rack
From for 12U Rack
Equipped with stay-open hinge pins that keep it open during installation and maintenance, this rack is ideal for wall mounting shallow network components.

Swing Out Wallmount Rack

SRD Series Wall Mount Racks
Designed to mount onto backboards, beams and other secure surfaces, this open-frame cabinet saves money and provides plenty of ventilation in environments that don?t require tight equipment security.

Great Lakes - BS2 Tilt Out Wallmount

BS2 Tilt Out Wall Mount
This rack keeps Audio/Video equipment and controls securely locked up in retail stores, schools, houses of worship, hospitals, and offices.

WiFi ceiling box BS2-2424WFB

BS2 WiFi Drop In Ceiling Box
If you need to place your WiFi box in an area where there is no antenna interference, this ceiling box is your solution.

BS2-CB10 ceiling drop box

BS2 RMU Ceiling Box
Great Lakes has developed the 10 RMU Ceiling Box in response to the need for out of the way enclosures. With an appliance white finish, and optional internal fan system, this unit provides four separate RMU mounting sections in two tiers for easy mounting, access and service.



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