Great Lakes NEMA 12 Type Enclosure

Quality Protection for Sensitive Indoor Electronics

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What's special about this NEMA 12 rated enclosure?

  • 45 RMU free-standing enclosure designed to the standards of NEMA type 12 for housing and protecting sensitive electronics from falling debris, dust, water and non-corrosive liquids
  • Modular design provides options for mounting fan or AC assemblies to provide clean air flow and exhaust for cooling off hardworking electronics, servers, and other networking equipment
  • Heavy duty handle with 3 point latching system keeps the door firmly secured in the middle, top and bottom, ensuring consistent pressure and that no gap areas around the gasket are present
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RoHS CompliantULCSA Approved

Dust, debris, water, and other contaminants commonly found in machine shops, robotic plants and warehouses can wreck havoc on sensitive equipment used for networking and controlling machinery. Using standard enclosures or racks to mount important equipment in unclean environments can greatly reduce operation life as dust and other contaminants begin to build up. This can eventually lead to or result in time consuming and expensive system shut downs. More


QGL-GL840N12-2442-SS Great Lakes NEMA 12 Type Free Standing Enclosure 45 84" H x 24" W x 42" D
QGL-FFKN12-A1 Fan Assembly with Exhaust Filter 297 CFM 115 V
QGL-FFKN12-A2 Fan Assembly with Exhaust Filter 368 CFM 115 V
QGL-FFKN12-A3 Fan Assembly with Exhaust Filter 462 CFM 115 V
QGL-FILTER-09 Package of 5 Exhaust Fan Filters - -
QGL-GL2500V Ice Qube AC Unit 2,500 BTU 120 V, 7.3 amps
QGL-GL3500V Ice Qube AC Unit 3,500 BTU 120 V, 8.2 amps

Great Lakes NEMA 12 free standing enclosures are constructed to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's Type 12 Standard for providing indoor protection of delicate or hazardous equipment. Using NEMA rated enclosures in hardworking commercial and industrial applications will help extend the life and promote consistent performance of vital equipment by providing a clean environment for it to function in.

  • Usable as a storage unit for mounting hazardous electrical components and hardware to provide a degree of protection for personnel and visitors against unintentional contact
  • 1/4" think Neoprene door gasket helps to keep water and dust from entering the enclosure, while  preventing cool air from escaping
  • Removable gland plates are provided on both sides of the enclosure for mounting the optional Ice Qube vertical mount AC unit which provides up to 5000 BTUs of cooling power for hot and overworked components
  • 3/8" square-hole ,19" EIA 310-D compliant rails include the Great Lakes RU labeling system, which provides faster installation of components and hardware by removing time consuming guess work or endless hole counting
  • Cable access knock outs are available on the base plate for easy cable management  with conduit, raised flooring, or heavy duty cord covers
  • 2,000 lbs. weight capacity (bolted to floor)
  • cULus listed UL 60950-1
  • RoHS compliant



PART # QGL-GL840N12-2442-SS
Outside Height 85.25"
Outside Width 24.15"
Outside Depth 45.80"
Inside Height 79"
Inside Width 19.15"
Outside Depth 41.75"
Weight 450 lbs
Rack Spaces 19" EIA 310-D Compliant, 45 RU 3/8" Square Holes
Weight Capacity 2000 lbs (BOLTED TO FLOOR)
Color Durable Black Texture Powder Coat
Rating NEMA-12
Anchor Plates 11 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Mounting Rails 12 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Frame 14 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Doors 14 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Side Panels 14 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Base 14 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel
Top 14 GAUGE Cold Rolled Steel


Ice Qube AC Units
Cooling Capacity 2500 BTUH @ 125° F 3500 BTUH @ 125° F
Maximum Amps 7.3 @ 120V/60Hz 8.2 @ 120V/60Hz
Maximum Amps 3.5 / 3.9 @ 4.2 / 4.7 @
230/220V 60/50Hz 230/220V 60/50Hz
Maximum Operating Temperature 125° F 125° F
Dimensions 28.5" H x 19.25" W x 6.38" D 28.5" H x 19.25" W x 6.38" D
Weight 71 lbs 71 lbs
UL Certification SA12062 SA12062

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