Great Lakes ES Series Lake Effect™ Enclosure

Eliminate Server and Equipment Failure Due to Overheating

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What's special about this server enclosure?

  • Combines the versatility and durability of an ES-Series enclosure with the ultimate cooling power of the Lake Effect™ air circulation system to provide up to 10 KW of heat dissipation for high-density server applications
  • Harnesses and then uses the coldest air above the raised floor to cool equipment, instead of using harmful refrigerants, chilled water, or any other liquids that could cause catastrophic and irreversible damage to servers in the event of contact
  • Eliminates temperature gradients throughout the enclosure by providing a consistent flow of cool air to the front intake fans of  the servers, while pushing the used hot air out of the enclosure's rear mesh door to prevent recirculation
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RoHS CompliantcULus

Overheating and poor air circulation are the main causes of equipment failure inside rack mount enclosures. Many companies utilize specialized air conditioners or water-cooled systems to cool hardworking server equipment, but these methods can be very expensive and just as dangerous if failure or leakage ever occurs. The Lake Effect™ Enclosure from Great Lakes offers the ideal solution for preventing server failure, without the aid of refrigerants or liquids. This enclosure utilizes highly sophisticated, high-performance vanaxial fans (originally designed for the aerospace industry) to provide up to 1224 CFM of directional airflow to the front of servers, helping equipment to stay continuously cool and functional.


QGL-GL840LE-3048 Great Lakes Complete 44U Lake Effect Enclosure 84" H x 30" W x 48" D

Lake Effect™ Enclosure Includes:

  • Enclosure frame with two pair of black powder coated, universal 19" mounting rails (M6), and package of M6 hardware
  • Plexiglas contour front door with lower bottom mesh and locking easy latch handle
  • Mesh contour rear door with locking, easy latch handle
  • Solid top panel
  • Set of 2 vertical cable management trays
  • Pair of solid lift-off side panels with lock and finger release
  • Lake Effect fan box kit
  • Plenum kit

Optional Accessories

Doors | Removable Top Panels | Cable Management
Power Strips | Filler Panels | Cooling Equipment

QGL-8402E-29SM Split Mesh Steel Door
QGL-8402E-MC29 Mesh Contour Door With Locking Swing Handle
QGL-8403E-SF29 Split Fan Door Set
QGL-8404E-29 Perimeter Vented Steel Door
Removable Top Panels
QGL-TPES-P Perforated Top Panel
QGL-TPES-S Solid Top Panel
QGL-TPES-B Top Panel with Brush Grommet
QGL-TPES-F Top Panel with Fan Guard and Three, 75 CFM Fans
QGL-TPES-F10 Top Panel with Fan Guard and One 10", 550 CFM Fan
QGL-TPES-2F10 Top Panel with Fan Guard and Two 10", 550 CFM Fans
Cable Management
QGL-BGS-84 Brush Grommet to Cover Rear Vertical Cable Pass Through
QGL-CMP Single Cable Management Post
QGL-CMP-8 Package of 8 Cable Managements Posts
QGL-LRB-12 Ladder Rack Support Bracket  with Hardware
QGL-LRB-24 Ladder Rack Support Bracket  with Hardware
QGL-HCM-D36 Horizontal Cable Organizer, Front to Rear
QGL-TCP30 Top Cable Trough Kit
QGL-VCT-84 Vertical Cable Trough
QGL-VLB-8436 Vertical Lacing Bar Kit (Includes: 1 Vertical Lacing Bar, 2 Horizontal Lacing Bars and 6 CM-01 Cinch Straps)
Power Strips
QGL-7215-20ARTLP 16 Position, 20 Amp Power Strip with Circuit Breaker, L5-20P Plug, 15 Foot Cord
QGL-7215-20AR 16 Position, 20 Amp Power Strip with Circuit Breaker, 5-20P Plug, 15 Foot Cord
QGL-7215-30A 24 Position, 30 Amp Power Strip with Circuit Breaker, L5-30P Plug, 15 Foot Cord
Filler Panels for 19" Mounting
QGL-175-FP19 1.75" High Filler Panel / 1 RU
QGL-350-FP19 3.50" High Filler Panel / 2 RU
QGL-525-FP19 5.25" High Filler Panel / 3 RU
QGL-700-FP19 7.00" High Filler Panel / 4 RU
QGL-875-FP19 8.75" High Filler Panel / 5 RU
QGL-1400-FP19 14.00" High Filler Panel / 8 RU
Cooling Equipment
QGL-7217FT Fan Tray with Three 75 CFM Fans
QGL-7217FT-3 Front and Rear Mount, Adjustable Fan Tray with Three 75 CFM Fans
QGL-7217FT-6 Front and Rear Mount, Adjustable Fan Tray with Six 75 CFM Fans
QGL-7217FT-9 Front and Rear Mount, Adjustable Fan Tray with Nine 75 CFM Fans
QGL-7217LE3 Door Fan Kit with Two 75 CFM Fans
QGL-FTBKT90 Fan Bracket to Mount the QGL-7217FT at a 90 Degree Angle
QGL-FTC101 Fan Thermostat Controller, 6 Foot Cord
QGL-FTC102 Remote or Local Access Fan Control, Thermostat range between 60 - 100° F
QGL-PC13-515P Power Cord for Fan Controller, 5 Feet 6 Inches long, 2 Required for Dual a/c Input, 125V
  • Unobtrusive design requires no additional piping, duct work, or modifications to your raised flooring, and will not infringe on the under floor existing static pressure
  • Highly versatile frame supports a wide range of accessories such as filler panels, cable management hardware, and PDUs
  • Includes a stylish, contoured Plexiglas front door for keeping cool air up front, and a contoured mesh rear door to provide maximum heat dissipation into the hot aisle
  • Includes two pairs of heavy-duty M6 cage nut rails, which are specifically designed to ensure that every mounting hole is usable, and feature RMU markings for easy hardware installation
  • Larger rear capacity provides increased room for managing bundled cables and mounting vertical PDUs with ease
  • Rails support Zero RMU mounting for any 1 RU equipment
  • Supports cabinet-to-cabinet wiring capabilities and baying
  • 19" EIA 310-D Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • cULus listed UL 60950-1
  • Made in the USA USA


PART # QGL-GL840LE-3048
Height 84"
Width 30"
Rail Mounting Width: Center 18.31"
Rail Mounting Width: Inside 17.75"
Depth 48"
RU 44U (37U with Lake Effect Fan Box)
Frame Construction #14-Gauge Steel
Rails Universal M6 Cage Nut Rails (Standard)
Rail Construction #12-Gauge Steel
Compliance 19” EIA 310-D
Color Textured Black Powder Coating
Weight Capacity 2000 lbs. On Levelers or Bolted to Floor, 1800 lbs. On Casters
UL Listed UL60950-1
Intake Ambient Air 65°F
CFM 1224 CFM @ 1/8" in H2O Static Pressure
Heat Dissipation Up to 10 KW






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