Great Lakes Closed-Loop Water-Cooled Floor Enclosure

Premium Rack Enclosures for the Most Demanding Data Centers

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What's special about these water-cooled server racks?

  • Provides 36U of rack space to house and protect your server or other network components
  • Runs cooled water from your facility throughout the rack to keep your components at optimal operating temperature, especially high heat devices
  • Closed loop design recycles hot air to prevent it from affecting the external climate control
  • If the internal temperature exceeds user-defined optimal settings, an alarm is sent and the doors automatically open so the server can be cooled by the room's cooling system, greatly reducing the chance of heat-related equipment failure
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RoHS CompliantULCSA ApprovedMade in USA

Properly cooling your network components is absolutely essential to prolonging their service life. The Water-Cooled Floor Enclosure from Great Lakes® is designed to bring the highest degree of heat regulation to your equipment while significantly decreasing operating costs, equipment maintenance costs, and floor space requirements. These racks circulate cool water internally to consistantly keep your equipment at the proper temperature.

Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Company


QGL-GL840ES3048-CLWCE Great Lakes Water-Cooled Server Enclosure Total: 44U
Usable: 36U (cooling unit occupies 8U)
84" H x 30" W x 54" D
[213,36 x 76,2 x 137,24 cm]
Empty: 850 lbs [385,55 kg]
Shipping: 900 lbs [408,23 kg]
Load Capacity: 2000 lbs

  • LED readouts clearly display current temperatures and diagnostics for fast inspection and maintenance
  • Modular "future-proof" design allows you to install replacement parts that allow you to move from lower to higher capacities without removing the original frame, decreasing the total cost of ownership over time
  • Quiet 65 dB operation helps reduce stress that can cause reductions in productivity, helping to maintain workplace efficiency
  • Sealed doors keep out airborne particles to further increase the service life of your equipment
  • Water is run from beneath the cabinet as opposed to from the rear, so you need less wall clearance and save space
  • Uniform vertical cooling eliminates hot spots so all of your equipment is properly cooled
  • Ideal for use in any rack mount component application, especially those with very high heat equipment
  • Proudly made in the USA USA



  • Server Enclosure Frame - 8401E3048
  • Adjustable Levelers - 7209-N
  • Top Panel with Brush Grommet - TPES-B
  • Locking Lift-Off Solid Side Panels - 8410-36ELS
  • Cooling Unit System - CLWCK


Rack Space Total: 44U
Usable: 36U
Cooling Unit: 8U
Operating Point 0% at 68° F (20° C)
100% at 104° F (40° C)
Power 230VAC (200 to 270), 2.9A
Load Capacity 2,000 lbs [907,18 kg]
Front Door Aluminum with Lexan® Door Panel
Rear Door Aluminum
Top Panel Aluminum
Side Panels 16 gauge Cold Rolled Steel
Height 84" [213,36 cm]
Width 30" [76,2 cm]
Depth 54" [137,24 cm]
Weight Empty: 850 lbs [385,55 kg]
Shipping: 900 lbs [408,23 kg]


airflow diagram for Closed-Loop Water-Cooled enclosure
  1. Chilled water arrives at the enclosure from a viable source or via a coolant distribution unit (CDU) to enter the heat exchanger
  2. Conditioned air at consistent pressure is directed through a plenum chamber
  3. Conditioned air passes through rack mounted equipment
  4. Quiet (65 dB) high efficiency variable speed exhaust fans remove hot air
  5. Hot air passes across the heat exchanger
  6. Water then leaves the heat exchanger coil to begin a return trip to the chiller or the CDU







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