Great Lakes Accessories

Filler Panels

Enclosure Filler Panels
Designed to separate the flow of cool air from the hot exhaust given off by rackmounted components, these filler panels promote proper ventilation while giving your server rack a fuller, more professional appearance.

waterfall cable management trough, CM-07

Waterfall Cable Management Trough
This Great Lakes rack mountable cable manager, features waterfall edges for cable bend radius, multiple tying slots and a large cable channel.

under counter lockbox, BS2-UCB3

Under Counter Lockbox
Great Lakes/BS2 created the UCB (Under Counter Box) so that you can safely and securely place small rack mounted or electrical equipment in a place that no unauthorized persons can get to it. This locking box can store DVD or digital recorders so that your security recordings cannot be tampered with.

Great Lakes 1984-KM

Keyboard Tray and Mouse Shelf
Designed to give you an ergonomic keyboard and mouse surface built right into your server rack, this adjustable tray/shelf combo can be adapted to both left and right-handed users.

pivoting keyboard shelf, 7206-PKB-MT

Pivoting Keyboard Rack Shelf
This Great Lakes high quality pivoting keyboard tray with mouse tray rack mount shelf features ample space for your keyboard and mouse on a 19" rack.

slide out drawer for rack, 7206-DR

Slide-Out Rack Mounted Drawer
Convenient storage for either a standard 19 inch EIA equipment rack, or a standard 23 inch EIA equipment rack. The rack mount equipment drawer can store up to 100 lbs. The rack mount drawer opens from the top with a keyed lock for security.

monitor, keyboard, mouse shelf, 7206MKM

Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Rack Shelf
Features a retractable drawer for your keyboard and mouse with ample space for your monitor and is standard for all manufacturers' 19" rack mount applications.

bracket for computer

CPU Bracket
This adjustable bracket is able to fit most standard computer towers, and mounts to walls and desks so you can lift your CPU up and off of the floor.

heavy duty shelf, 7206-FRSLA300

Heavy Duty Rack Shelf
This sliding shelf is designed to allow a load capacity of 300 lbs when extended. It can be utilized for your UPS, Servers, and desktops or wherever you need a durable shelf designed with heavy load capacity in mind.

Copper Bus Bars

Vertical Mounted Copper Bus Bars
Designed enhance the flow of electricity throughout your rack, this tinned-copper bus bar can be custom-cut to size to install in almost any enclosure, and protects valuable electronics by providing an easy path to ground during dangerous power spikes.

Great Lakes Grounding Kits

Grounding Kits
Designed to prevent fire and electricity-related personnel injuries and equipment damage, these copper grounding straps create an electrical path between the ground studs in server enclosures, and are tinned to increase conductivity and prevent corrosion.

Great Lakes cable Management solutions

Network Cabinet and Rack Cable Management Solutions
Designed to provide cable management for both low and high-density cabling in 19? racks, these network cable organizers help to promote proper bend radius, increase airflow, facilitate maintenance, and improve overall appearance.

Great Lakes Casters

Casters, Anchors, Levelers, Anti-Tip Legs
Ideal for customizing racks and cabinets that are in non-standard environments or in need of extra security, these hardware accessories include casters for mobility, levelers for balance on uneven surfaces, and anchors for extra stability in seismic zones

Great Lakes rack screws, cage nuts

Rack Screws & Cage Nuts
From per 50 pk
Ideal to have on hand so that you can rack mount additional equipment at any time, these rack screws and cage nuts are compatible with most industry-standard server racks and enclosures, and are available in black and zinc-plated finishes.




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