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RG 6/U Coaxial Cable

Carol® Brand CCS RG6 Coaxial Cable
Able to cover long distances without signal loss or degradation, this UL-rated bulk coaxial is ideal for HDTV, digital video, and FM broadcasting.

Command Series Speaker Cable

Carol® Brand Command Series Speaker Wire
Suitable for use in walls and raceways, this high-performance cable features electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper conductors for excellent sound clarity and signal strength.

Twinaxial Coaxial Cable

Carol® Brand Twinax Coax Cable
Price for 1,000'
Built with two center conductors instead of just one, these twinaxial cables have a reduced level of capacitance imbalance, which makes them perfect for long-distance data transmission.

44623-61-05, retractable power cord

Retractable Powr-Reel™
Perfect for plugging in power tools in garages and workshops, this 25-foot extension cord is encased in a sturdy steel reel for easy storage, locks in place at exactly the length you need it, and retracts with a single pull when you're done.


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