Gem Electronics Compression Seal F Connectors

Tight Fitting Compression Seal are Perfect for CATV, MATV, and Satellite Installations

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What's special about these connectors?

  • These compression connectors are weatherproof to protect your connections through heat, humidity, and moisture
  • Color coded seals make it easy to identify the type of cable and the replacement connector needed in the future
  • Available in straight and angle plug and straight jack connectors for any RG6 and RG59 type cabling application
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The Gem Electronics Compression Seal F Connector is a reusable F connector designed for CATV, MATV, and satellite TV installations. The GEM Compression Seal F Connector creates a strong hold so that your signal will not be lost due to improper connectivity.


F Male Compression
GEM-0459-2CSBG F Male Compression RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum Brown 100 1.7 lbs
GEM-0406-6CSBG F Male Compression RG6 Type Black 100 1.7 lbs
GEM-0406-610CSBG F Male Compression RG6 Plenum Gray 100 1.7 lbs
GEM-0406-6CSQSBG F Male Compression RG6 Dual/Tri/Quad Blue 100 1.7 lbs
GEM-0406-6CSQSGBG F Male Compression Gold RG6 Dual/Tri/Quad Blue 100 1.7 lbs
GEM-0411-11CSTP F Male Compression RG11 Black 10 0.8 lb
F Right Angle Male Compression
GEM-0407-2CSTP F Right Angle Male Compression RG59 PVC, Siamese, & Plenum Brown 10 0.7 lb
GEM-0407-6CSTP F Right Angle Male Compression RG6 Type Black 10 0.7 lb
GEM-0407-610CSTP F Right Angle Male Compression RG6 Plenum Gray 10 0.7 lb
GEM-0407-6CSTPQ F Right Angle Male Compression RG6 Quad Plenum Black 10 0.7 lb
GEM-0407-6CSQSTP F Right Angle Male Compression RG6 Dual/Tri/Quad Blue 10 0.7 lb
F Female Compression
GEM-0401-2CSTP F Female Compression RG59 PVC, Siamese, & Plenum Brown 100 0.2 lb
GEM-0401-6CSTP F Female Compression RG6 Type Black 10 0.3 lb
GEM-0401-610CSTP F Female Compression RG6 Plenum Gray 100 0.3 lb
GEM-0401-6CSTPQ F Female Compression RG6 Quad Plenum Black 100 0.3 lb
GEM-0401-6CSQSTP F Female Compression RG6 Quad/Tri/Quad Blue 100 0.3 lb
  • To create a strong bond, use the Gem Electronics GET-CS crimper - a crimper is required
  • These connectors are quickly installed in the field or anywhere
  • One year manufacturer warranty


Electrical Characteristics
Impedance 75 Ohms
Frequency Range 0-1 GHz
Voltage Rating 250 VRMS
Construction Brass with bright nickel finish






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