Gardner Bender® HotBlanket™ PVC Conduit Bender

Safely Heats PVC Piping for Precise Bending

Gardner Bender HotBlanket Conduit Bender

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Gardner Bender® HotBlanket™ PVC Conduit Bender

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this heating blanket?

  • Heats PVC piping to a temperature at which it becomes easy to bend
  • 3 models available to cover conduit from 1/2" to 4", covering all commonly used sizes
  • Blanket wraps around the pipe so you have total control over what section of the piping you want to bend
  • Internal thermostatic temperature control adjusts heat according to the environment, ensuring fast heating even in cold weather
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This PVC Conduit heating blanket by Gardner Bender® is a convenient solution for bending PVC conduit from 1/2" to 4". Instead of inserting your conduit into the unit, this blanket is wrapped around the conduit for easy positioning. Heat is regulated by a thermostatic control that responds to your environment, ensuring fast heating and safe temperatures in any environment.

  • Ideal for creating turns and bends for use in electrical, telecom, and plumbing applications
  • Unlike hot box type benders, the HotBlanket is compact in size and can be easily transported from jobsite to jobsite
  • Available plug set supports the inside of the conduit to prevent deformities while heating
  • Multi-circuit design and heavy gauge wire extends its service life far beyond that of other heat blankets
  • Heats to a temperature that won't scorch or burn conduit for increased personnel and fire protection


Property Value
Bending Temperature 250°F to 300°F (121.1°C to 148.8°C)
Conduit Ratings Up to Schedule 40
Life Cycle (Typical) Approximately 150 Bends
Conduit Size Warm-Up Size
1/2" to 1-1/2" 4 to 10 min
2" 7 to 10 min
3" 12 to 17 min
3-1/2" 15 to 18 min
4" 18 to 22 min

Watts Volts Amps
GB-BB5150 310 120 2.6
GB-BB2030 690 120 6.3
GB-BB3040 1120 120 10.2
GB-BB5150 1/2" to 1-1/2"
(12.7 mm to 38.1 mm)
18" x 7.5"
(45.72 cm x 19.05 cm)
2 lbs (0.90 kg)
GB-BB2030 2" to 3"
(50.8 mm to 76.2 mm)
25" x 11.25"
(63.5 cm x 28.57 cm)
3 lbs (1.36 kg)
GB-BB3040 3" to 4"
(76.2 mm to 101.6 mm)
18" x 7.5"
(91.44 cm x 36.57 cm)
6 bs (2.72 kg)
GB-BVS-240 PVC Plug Set: Helps prevent collapsing and deformity in 2" - 4" PVC conduit during heating. Each set comes in a durable storage case to keep the set organized and protected. 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4" 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
CANTEX SCHEDULE 40- 90° BENDCantex® 1/2" to 2" PVC Schedule 40 90° Elbows
These pre-formed 90° elbows allow conduit maneuver around corners and construction obstacles without you needing to use a PVC hot box to make bends.
gbx-300 ARMORED CABLE CUTTERGardner Bender BX and Armored Cable Cutter
Perfect for use with BX, MC, and AC armored cables, as well as 3/8" conduit, this cutter features adjustable cutting depth to prevent damage to internal conductors.
conduit repair kitIPEX EPR Conduit Repair Kits
These Conduit Repair Kits save you time and money by allowing you to fix the problem without resorting to installing a new conduit system. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your application.
brady snap-on pipe markersBrady Snap-On™ and Strap-On Pipe Markers
These adhesive-free pipe markers strap onto, wrap around or snap over dirty, oily, or textured pipes that need identification but aren't compatible with standard pressure-sensitive labels.

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