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Furman Sound FS-SS-6B

Six Outlet Surge Suppressor
Perfect for studios, live performances, and MC setups, this surge suppressor protects sensitive equipment against power spikes while filtering out EMI and RFI noise.


PFP PlugLock
With a clamping feature that secures plugs into its outlets and prevents accidental disconnects, this power strip gives you a consolidated place to plug in wall warts.

Furman Sound D10-PFP

D10-PFP Power Distributor
This economical power distribution unit allows you to plug in up to 10 rack mounted devices, and will automatically shut down if overloaded, to prevent overheating and fire.

Furman Sound Merit x Series

Merit X Series Power Distribution
These rack mount PDUs provide your sensitive electronics with surge protection, as well as EMI/RFI noise filtration.

Furman Sound Power Station Eight Outlet Strip

Power Station Series Eight Outlet Surge Strip
Equipped with Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), this unit offers multi-stage surge protection and emergency Extreme Voltage Shutdown for up to 8 devices.

Furman Classic Series Power Conditioners

Classic Series Power Conditioners
Featuring Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), this power conditioner provides clean power and safely absorbs, clamps, and dissipates excess voltage to protect your A/V equipment.

Furman P8 Power Conditioner

P8 Power Conditioner
Featuring a magnetic circuit breaker and Extreme Voltage Shutdown, this rack mount power conditioner provides music and network equipment with maintenance-free overvoltage protection.


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