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DTX CableAnalyzer
They significantly reduce the time it takes to certify your network when compared with competitors’ analyzers. The Fluke DTX testers will test and certify your CAT 6 cable in 12 seconds. Most other testers take over 30 seconds to perform the same test. This translates to 85 extra certifications before lunch!

cable fault finder, 26500090, 26500000

TS® Cable Fault Finders
Designed to quickly locate cable faults or just measure the length of a cable run, these testing units are perfect for the fast, easy analysis and troubleshooting of Cat and coax cable.

IntelliTone toner and probes, MT-8200

IntelliTone™ Pro Probe
Perfect for tracing and locating cables within bundles or at patch panels and switches, these toners and probes save time and money by efficiently testing data, voice, audio and video cabling all with one test kit.

Fluke Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator and Probe

Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe
Able to tone cables up to 10 miles and transmit tones through materials like drywall and wood, this cable tracing kit features adjustable volume, and lets you quickly locate matched pairs in inactive networks.

FLUKE MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier

MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier
Perfect for network, telephone, A/V and security cables, this all-in-one compact tester is able to test, trace and verify cabling quickly and easily, and displays all primary results on one screen for easy viewing.


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