Fluke Networks Professional Tool Kits

Cut, Strip, and Punch Down Wires - All With One Kit

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What's special about these tool kits?

  • Includes a set of comprehensive tools in a convenient pouch to help you complete just about any networking job
  • Sturdy, quality tools are sure to withstand day to day use
  • Ergonomic Dur-a-Grip pouch provides quick and easy tool access and sure grip storage when not in use
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Fluke Networks IS40, IS50, and IS60 Pro-Tool? kits are ideally suited for any network installer or electrical contractor. These compact tool kits include the most basic and commonly-used network installation tools, to get you through just about any job.


FL-11291000 Pro-Tool Kit IS40 with D814 Impact Tool, D-Snips, Cable Stripper, EverSharp 66/110 cut blade, & Probe Pic
FL-11292000 Pro-Tool Kit IS50 with D914S Impact Tool, D-Snips, Cable Stripper & EverSharp 66/110 cut blade
FL-11293000 Pro-Tool Kit IS60 with D914S Impact Tool, D-Snips, Cable Stripper, EverSharp 66/110 cut blade, Sharpie® & Maglite®
  • Tool pouch constructed of hard-wearing PVC material for ultimate durability
    • Tool pockets are molded in to securely hold tools at any angle
    • Pockets also help to keep inventory of tools, so if one is empty, you know a tool is missing
  • Allows you to perform initial setup or simple maintenance with just one kit
  • Each tool kit is equipped with a variety of tools, so you can select the right combination for your everyday work


FL-11291000 Pro-Tool Kit IS40 - D814™ Impact Tool
- Electrician's D-Snips™
- Cable Stripper
- EverSharp™ 66/110 Cut Blade
- Probe Pic
- Dur-A-Grip™ Pouch
FL-11292000 Pro-Tool Kit IS50 - D914S™ Impact Tool
- Electrician's D-Snips™
- Cable Stripper
- EverSharp™ 66/110 Cut Blade
- Dur-A-Grip™ Pouch
FL-11293000 Pro-Tool Kit IS60 - D914S™ Impact Tool
- Electrician's D-Snips
- Cable Stripper
- Mini Maglite®
- Sharpie® pen and
- Dur-a-Grip™ Pouch






D814 Punchdown ToolFluke Networks D814 Automatic Punch Down Tool
Designed to meet industry standards for datacom/telecom terminations, this tool can be adjusted to punch at high or low impact, and is universally compatible with replacement punch blades from virtually any manufacturer.

BlackBox Professional Technician's KitBlackBox Professional Technician's Kit
The Black Box Professional Technician's Kit includes virtually everything needed to punch down connectors. For maximum comfort the punch-down tool features finger grips and non-slip cushioned sides.


Fluke IntelliTone Pro Toner and ProbeFluke IntelliTone™ Pro Probe
Perfect for tracing and locating cables within bundles or at patch panels and switches, these toners and probes save time and money by efficiently testing data, voice, audio and video cabling all with one test kit.

FLUKE JackRapid punchdown toolFluke JackRapid™ Punch Down Tool
JackRapid allows you to terminate jacks eight times faster than traditional impact tools - with accuracy that's unmatched. The patented jack termination tool seats and terminates all wires simultaneously. With JackRapid, you’ll never punch into the palm of your hand or through drywall again.

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