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Fluke JackRapid™ Punch Down Tool

Fast, Safe, Reliable, Comfortable Network Jack Termination

JackRapid Punchdown Tool

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JackRapid Punchdown Tool

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  • fluke networks jackrapid punchdown tool in use - icon
  • fluke networks jackrapid punchdown tool in use - icon
  • fluke networks jackrapid punchdown tool in use - icon

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these terminating tools?

  • Allows you to terminate jacks 8 times faster than standard punch down tools
  • Easy grip handle ensures hours of comfortable use
  • Cuts and accurately seats all wires at once for consistent, reliable terminations
  • Enclosed design makes it impossible to accidently punch into your hand, providing superior safety
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The JackRapid™ Punch Down Tool by Fluke Networks provides much faster and more accurate termination than traditional impact tools. Unlike other tools, the JackRapid cuts and punches all wires at once, resulting in the most accurate termination possible. The innovative punch down tool has no exposed blades, so it keeps your hands and surrounding surfaces safe from puncture.

  • Highly accurate termination greatly reduces the number of wasted jacks
  • Unique design accommodates close-to wall-installation, so you will not have to run more wiring
  • Various heads are available for use with different jacks


Terminate jacks 8 times faster

  1. Strip cable jacket.
  2. Determine wiring scheme.
  3. Dress all 4 pairs (8 wires).
  4. Insert jack in JackRapid front first with IDC slots facing blades of JackRapid.
  5. Ensure jack is completely and securely inserted in jack holder bed with IDC slots facing the blades.
  6. Pull trigger completely and remove excess wire prior to releasing trigger.
  7. Wires will be seated and cut for a solid termination.
  8. Release handle and remove jack from JackRapid tool. Visually verify proper termination.

Product Type: Multi-pair punch-down tool
Manufacturer: Fluke Corp.
Part number: 10059630

JR-LEV-1 FL-JR-LEV-1 JackRapid punchdown tool (for Leviton LE-41106, LE-41108, LE-5G108)
JR-LEV-2 FL-JR-LEV-2 JackRapid punchdown tool (for Leviton LE-5G110, LE-61110)
JR-LEV-1-H FL-JR-LEV-1-H JackRapid replacement blade head (for Leviton LE-41106, LE-41108, LE-5G108)
JR-LEV-2-H FL-JR-LEV-2-H JackRapid replacement blade head (for Leviton LE-5G110, LE-61110)
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