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Alien Crosstalk Testing
When installing 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), an important part of the certification process is testing the network for the electromagnetic interference that can occur between wires or cables which are closely bundled together, otherwise known as Alien Crosstalk. Even though it may appear that Alien Crosstalk (AXT) testing can be a lengthy and frustrating project, there are ways of simplifying and speeding up the certification of your 10 GbE network. Read more »


When you need to test your network the right way, Fluke Corporation has the right products for you. There is no better, more recognized name than Fluke. They manufacture a complete line of testers and digital multimeters. Fluke testers are ideal LAN network cable testers.

How to Select the Right Fluke Network Tester for You

Fluke Corporation’s Network testers are the most widely used, and highest quality instruments on the market. Superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities make Fluke Network testers the right choice for you.

Why use a Qualification tester? A Qualification tester is used to determine what speeds your network can handle. It differs from a Certification tester (like the Fluke DTX Cable Analyzer) in that a network certification tester insures compliance to industry standards such as TIA/ISO. The CableIQ Qualification tester allows you to perform various troubleshooting tests to locate your trouble spot.

Do you need to determine whether your existing cabling setup supports your 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) network? A qualification tester is all you need. Basically, if you’re looking to differentiate between cabling problems and network problems, a qualification tester is all you need.

Why use a certification tester? Certification testers are used to determine whether your network meets specific ISO or TIA standards (i.e. Cat 5e or Cat 6). They are the only options for you in this case. Also if your network is wired with both copper and fiber, use a certification tester.

Why use a verification tool? Normal verification testers only test if the pairs are aligned correctly. They do not test the speed capacity of your wiring, where qualification testers like the Fluke CableIQ do. Verification tools are great, inexpensive cable testers for just one purpose: making sure you wired your pairs correctly


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