Quartz Floodlight

Economical and Durable Halogen Lighting Fixture

Morris Quartz Floodlight

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Morris Quartz Floodlight

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this economical floodlight?

  • Polished aluminum reflector intensifies the light output from your bulb for maximum brightness, and gives an appealing, lustrous finish to blend in with existing infrastructure
  • Includes a T3, doubled-ended halogen lamp for precisely centered mounting, which ensures uniform light distribution from the unit
  • Standard 1/2inch NPT threaded, swiveling knuckle mount for convenient unidirectional focusing of light beam
  • Die cast aluminum housing with bronze powder coat for a solid, long-lasting finish
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Morris economical, die-cast aluminum halogen spotlights are available your choice of three power ratings (300, 500 or 1500 Watts), are ideal for illuminating landscapes or outdoor sports facilities, and can help to increase overnight safety when used as exterior security lighting.

  • Includes hinged tempered glass lens for durability and easy, one-screw or clip removal when replacing bulb
  • Optional powder coated white finish available to help the lamps blend in with lighter colored buildings and other existing infrastructure
  • 120/130 VAC power requirement for use in most standard domestic applications
  • Included premium halogen bulb, available in 3 power ratings (300/500/1500 Watt) for efficient high light output
  • Lightweight for easy handling and installation
  • UL 924 listed for use in wet locations


Material - Housing Die-cast Aluminum
Material - Lens Tempered glass
UL Listing UL 924 - Damp Location


300-500 Watt Quartz Floodlight

300-500 Watt Quartz Floodlight

MOR-71079, MOR-71080, MOR-71081

1500 Watt Quartz Floodlight

1500 Watt Quartz Floodlight



MOR-71079 Halogen 120/130 VAC 300 9" (22.86cm) 7.75" (19.69cm) 3.625" (9.21cm) 25.3 lbs
MOR-71080 Halogen 120/130 VAC 500 9" (22.86cm) 7.75" (19.69cm) 3.625" (9.21cm) 24.1 lbs
MOR-71081 Halogen 120/130 VAC 500 9" (22.86cm) 7.75" (19.69cm) 3.625" (9.21cm) 28.3 lbs
MOR-71090 Halogen 120/130 VAC 1500 14.625" (37.15cm) 11" (27.94cm) 5.75" (14.61cm) 23.3 lbs



500Watt Quartz at 15FT Mounting Height and Aimed 30° Below Horizontal Plane

diagram of floodlight coverage


Multipliers for Different Mounting Heights
Mounting Height 12' 15' 20' 24'
Multiply by 1.6 1 0.6 0.4
Multipliers for Different Wattages
Wattage 300 500 1500
Multiply by 0.6 1 3.1
MOR-71079 Halogen 120/130 VAC 300 9" W x 7.75" x 3.63" D Bronze
MOR-71080 Halogen 120/130 VAC 500 9" W x 7.75" x 3.63" D Bronze
MOR-71081 Halogen 120/130 VAC 500 9" W x 7.75" x 3.63" D White
MOR-71090 Halogen 120/130 VAC 1500 14.63" W x 11" H x 5.75" D Bronze
Accessories (for 300Watt and 500 Watt Models only)
MOR-72071 Replacement Door Frame with Glass - White
Small Wall PacksSmall Wall Packs
Small Wall Pack Lighting Units from Morris Products provide commercial and industrial settings with supplemental illumination in poor lighting conditions, and can also be used as after-hours security lighting.
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Ideal for use in schools, restaurants and businesses, these Energy Star compliant LED signs clearly identify exits in large rooms and busy environments, and offer the option of battery backup for emergency situations.
UPM-DT523UPM-DT523 Outdoor Programmable Timer with Photocell
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