Flexible Ground Braided Sleeving

EMI, RFI and Electrostatic Discharge Protection

flexible braided sleeving

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Flexible Ground Braided Sleeving

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RoHS Compliant

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this expandable copper sleeving?

  • Multi-purpose metal braid provides shielding and grounding for equipment or wire harnesses , to protect your investment
  • Aesthetically pleasing design is commonly used to decorate or conceal hoses and wires in automotive applications
  • Expandable design allows for quick and easy installation of cable or wire bundles
  • Quality tinned copper braid can be easily soldered to connectors and used for custom-length earth straps
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Durable yet economical copper tinned braided sleeving provides multiple ways of shielding and lead-sheath grounding. Whether installed over cable bundles or wiring harnesses, or used to create custom-length grounding jumper straps, this metal braid provides maximum flexibility and protection.

  • Resists chemicals and the elements for use in rugged or exposed applications
  • Durable construction provides superior protection from accidental cuts or consistent abrasion
  • 449°F (232°C) melt point (ASTM D-2117) allows for automotive or high heat applications
  • Easily cuts with shears, however heat shrink or electrical tape is recommended to terminate ends, to prevent them from fraying
  • Soft tinned copper complies with ASTM B33


Chemical Resistance
1=No Effect   2=Little Effect   3=Affected   4=More Affected   5=Severely Affected
Aromatic Solvents 1 Weak Bases 1
Chlorinated Solvents 1 Salt Water (O-S-1926) 1
Strong Bases 2 Lubricating Oil (MIL-A-8243) 1
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) 1 Strong Acids 5
De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) 1 Esters/Ketones 1
Strong Oxidants 5 Petroleum 2
UV Light 2 Salts 1
Fungus (ASTM G-21) 2 RoHS Yes
Halogen Free Yes  UL/CSA No
Aliphatic Solvents 1  


Physical Properties
Monofilament Thickness (ASTM D-204) 0.005 - 0.010
Flammability Rating Non-Flammable
Recommended Cutting Shears
Colors 1
Wall Thickness 0.013 - 0.025
Tensile Strength Yarn (ASTM D-2265) 140 lbs
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Melt (ASTM D-2117) 449°F/232°C
MOR-91630 9 AWG 3/8 in 100 ft 3.5 lbs
MOR-91640 6 AWG 1/2 in 100 ft 3.85 lbs
Metal braided sleevingMetal Braided Sleeving
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