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Non-Fray FR Braided Sleeving

Non-Fray Flame Retardant
From / 100 ft per spool
When used to protect cables in industrial and other heavy-duty applications, this sleeving self-extinguishes and prevents flame spread to surrounding components.

Flame Retardant PET Wrap

PET Wrap Flame Retardant®
From per foot
Hook and loop edging keeps this MIL, FR and VW-approved flame retardant sleeving securely wrapped around cables, but allows for easy repeat access when maintenance is necessary.

Flame Retardant Roundit 2000NX
Federal Mogul

Bentley Harris® Roundit® 2000NX (FR Woven Wrap)
From per foot
Woven of flame retardant Nomex, Roundit® 2000NX combines the characteristics of wire loom and braided sleeving to provide superior cable protection in aeronautical, marine, rail and industrial applications.


F6 Flame Retardant Sleeving

F6 Braided Wrap-Around Sleeving Flame Retardant
From / 100 ft per spool
Resistant to chemicals and solvents, self-extinguishing F6® wrap-around sleeving protects cables and prevents flame spread in aircraft, concert hall, theater, and nightclub wiring.

Fiberglass Expandable Sleeving

Fiberglass Expandable Sleeving
From / 500 ft per spool
Tightly braided E-filament glass withstands continuous operating temperatures ranging from –94°F to 1200°F, and has excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, and fungus.

Kevlar Braided Sleeving

Expandable Kevlar® Braided Sleeving
From / 50 ft per spool
With up to 20 times the tensile strength of steel, Kevlar® braided sleeving will not melt or support combustion, it making the perfect hose protector in high-heat environments up to 320°F.


Halar Braided Sleeving

Halar® Expandable Braided Sleeving
From / 225 ft per spool
Woven of chemically inert, thermally stable Halar® this plenum-rated sleeving protects cables from cuts, abrasion, and flame in aerospace and vital military applications.

Fire Resistant Sleeving

FireFlex Aerospace and Industrial Fire Resistant Fiberglass Cable Sleeves
From / 50 ft per spool
Silicone-coated fiberglass sleeving protects cables and hoses at continuous operating temps up to 500°F. Resists hydraulic fluids, oil, fuel and abrasion, and cuts easily with scissors.

Teflon Braided Sleeving

Teflon® Braided Sleeving
From / 225 ft per spool
The choice for protecting cables in aerospace, military, high-tech and plenum applications that call for thermal stability, low outgassing, and excellent resistance to chemicals, high temps and flame.

Ryton Braided Sleeving

Ryton® Chemical Resistant
From / 225 ft per spool
Inert to steam, strong bases, fuels and acids, flame-retardant Ryton® has no known solvents below 392°F, and is ideal for protecting cables in aerospace, telecom, and military applications.

Flame Retardant Expandable Sleeving

Flame Retardant® Expandable Braided Sleeving
From per foot
The perfect choice for electronic and high tech applications where flame retardance and durability are primary concerns. Meets Mil-202, FAR 25, FMVSS 302. UL rated VW-1 and FR-1

Insulflex Cool Blue Sleeving

Insulflex® Cool Blue™ Fire Sleeving
From / 100 FT
Insulflex® Cool Blue™ Fire Sleeving protects your cables, hoses, and pipes from extreme heat conditions up to 3000°F. This sleeving is great for welding shops, foundries, and any other scorching industrial setting.


The Difference between High Temperature and Flame Retardant Sleevings

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers regarding braided sleeving selection is “what is the difference between flame retardant and high temperature?” Technically, there’s not much of a difference beyond the level of protection.

Flame retardant sleeving comes in two different types. The first type is made of PET, nylon, or another thermoplastic, and then coated with a material that stops combustion. The other is made from a naturally non-combustible material such as Kevlar, Halar, or Teflon.

Cable sleeves classified as "high temperature" are built for the most extreme conditions. Most are made of fiberglass, and less commonly from ceramic and material blends. Some of these sleevings operate with no problems in temperatures up to 3000°F!

Though we do have a wide variety, it should not be difficult to choose the product you need from these two categories. Most will be chosen based on other types of protection that are provided. For example, if you need protection from high heat, abrasion, and chemicals as well as added expandability, Teflon sleeving may be a good choice for high temperature. If you need a flame retardant sleeving but want to get to work right away with scissors instead of buying a hot knife, try Clean Cut FR.

One very common use for our cable sleeve is found in the automotive sector. The following is a quick rundown on the different types of automotive cable sleeve that are available:

  • ConvoShield AL Thermal Sleeving: Protects from heat up to 1000°F, split for easy installation, brilliant chrome finish looks great on exposed motorcycle lines and engine bay cables and hoses
  • Thermo-Flex Heat Shield: Protects up to 750°F, available in many different sizes and 4 colors, highly flexible for easy cable and wire management
  • Thermo Sleeve Heat Shield: Protects up to 2000°F, lightweight and flexible for easy cable and wire management
  • FireFlex Firesleeve: Resists up to 500°F (260°C), highly flexible, silicone coated for extreme abrasion resistance, great for liquid lines and cables in hot spots


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