Greenlee Fish Stix Extenders - Whisk Nose Tip

No More Struggle While Pulling Cables

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What's special about these extenders by Greenlee®?

  • Allows cable to run smoothly through conduit
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Round smooth end helps to glide through fast without getting caught
  • Can be snagged from opposite direction by using another Fish Stick with a hook
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Pulling cable or wires can be a difficult task should you try to tackle it without the right tools. Greenlee® Fish Stix and Extenders provide you with all the necessary instruments to perform this task quickly and efficiently. Available in three different models, the fish tape extender can turn the frustrating job of pulling cable into an easy, efficient task.


GL-FS-11426 Greenlee Whisk for Fish Stix 0.25 lb

Are you tired of struggling when pulling cables through the wall with fish tape? Is the line getting snagged on the insulation in the wall or fibers when you are trying to bring it 360 degrees? Fish tape extenders makes this job easier by allowing the fish tape to be smoothly guided through the desired area.

The A90 are the perfect tool to allow your fish tape to travel through the inner corrugated ridges of wire loom. The A90s excel through wire loom. The A90s also excel through Sealtite and Greenfield flex, which also have inner ridges which stop a standard fish tape end.

Fish tape extenders avoid the hassle of dealing with the resistance of the fish tape riding on the inner conduit wall or the resistance of the end of the fish tape sliding and binding in the bends of the conduit. Simply attach the fish tape to the fish tape extender and feed the fish tape into the area you need to run the wire through as you would normally. The roller on the end of the extender glides over the elements inside the wall providing smooth traveling.

Available in three different models, the fish tape extender can turn the frustrating job of pulling cable into an easy, efficient task.


Length:    15' - (3) 5' sections
Material:  3/16" dia. luminescent fiberglass rod






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