Caddy® Adjustable Box Mounting Brackets

Precisely Mount Boxes and Conduit Between Studs

TSGB adjustable box mounting brackets

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Caddy® Adjustable Box Mounting Bracket

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these telescopic stud brackets?

  • Adjustable brackets mount electrical boxes between studs, providing precision placement that is hard to achieve with non-adjustable brackets; ideal for use in non-standard installations
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Conduit Support Bracket (CCSS812) to achieve perfect conduit alignment for the most accurate install possible
  • Foldable end tabs for mounting on the sides of studs, providing freedom to mount to any desired depth
  • Adjustability makes them highly salvageable, saving supply costs on custom renovations
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Correctly installing boxes between studs can be tricky, even for seasoned contractors. With their fully adjustable rails, marked measurements and conduit mounting options, Caddy’s Telescopic Mounting Brackets help to create the most structurally sound and professional box installs around.

  • Marked and notched at every inch for easy alignment and bending, ensuring the most solid and professional installations
  • Easily installed with a screw gun, simplifying the installers toolset
  • Interlocking tab prevents accidental disconnection once installation is complete
  • Can be assembled anywhere before the job, eliminating the expensive on-site fabrication of less accurate brackets, and maximizing jobsite productivity
  • cULus Rated
  • Made in the USA USA


Part # TSGB16 TSGB24
Box Depth 1-1/2" to 2-1/8" [38 to 54 mm] 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" [38 to 63.5 mm]
Finish Electroplated zinc Electroplated zinc
Stud Spacing 11" to 18" [280 to 458 mm] 17" to 26" [432 to 660 mm]
Boxed Quantity 50 50
Ultimate Static Load 50 lbs [22.68 kg] 50 lbs [22.68 kg]
Patent Number 5,386,959 5,386,959
ER-TSGB16 16" Adjustable Box Mount Bracket 1-1/2" to 2-1/8"
[38 to 54 mm]
11" to 18"
[280 to 458 mm]
50 20.4 lbs
ER-TSGB24 24" Adjustable Box Mount Bracke 1-1/2" to 2-1/2"
[38 to 63.5 mm]
17" to 26"
[432 to 660 mm]
50 31.4 lbs
ER-CCS812 Conduit Support Bracket Supports up to 3 rows of Conduit 100 0.12 lb
ER-TSGLDR1 Glider Box Attachment Allows for sliding of Electrical Boxes 100 0.1 lb
ER-SMS8 Stud Wall Screws Low Profile, Prevents Drywall Bulge 1,000 0.5 lb

Erico Caddy Mounting Plate Brackets (non-metallic)ERICO® CADDY® MP Series Mounting Plates
From / 100pk
ERICO Caddy MP Series Mounting Plates come in various sizes and can be installed in most standard sizes of dry wall. They virtually eliminate all need for tools when installing wall plates on a new construction and are tightly secured with a serrated interlocking system for a better grip on the drywall.

electrical box bracket, TEB23ERICO Caddy Electrical Box Bracket
Designed to help you easily identify the mounting orientation of electrical boxes and plaster rings, this bracket makes installations quicker, and prevents damage to drywall.


EMT ConduitEMT Conduit
From / 100 ft
EMT conduit is unthreaded steel raceway made of galvanized steel. Steel Thinwall EMT conduit is easy to cut and easy to bend - reducing waste and installation time. Metal conduit is non-combustible and easily adaptable to future wiring changes.

CER4 Cable SupportErico Caddy CER4 Non-Metallic Cable Support
Price / 100 per Pack
Designed to keep cables secure and undamaged behind drywall, these supports mount onto studs to keep cables clear of nails and screws during construction and repairs.


sconce boxArlington Industries Small Diameter Sconce Box
These small diameter sconce electrical boxes are excellent choices when you want the professionally installed look. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are functional as well. The new construction boxes (FSC3212 & FSC2312S) are strong and can hold lights that weigh up to 5 lbs.


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